Wildfire burns through the night in East Bakersfield


Smoke filled sky turns the sun orange with burned foothills under.

By Johnathan Wheatley

UPDATE: According to the Public Information Officer for Kern County Fire Department, as of 1 a.m. on July 28, the Breckenridge Fire had grown to 992 acres before being 100 percent contained, but at some point the flames swapped over Breckenridge road and has burned over 15 acres. Fire crews were called back to extinguish the remaining fire. Stay tuned for more updates.


Kern County Fire Department, Cal Fire and the US Forest Service are helping put out a wildfire, which at 7:50 p.m. was 400+ acres and around 25 percent containment, According to the Captain of KCFD, Nate Perkins.

“With the high heats and very dry conditions, the fire was able to spread very quickly,” said Perkins.

At around 4:12 p.m. Kern County Fire Department received a call from dispatch about a fire on Breckenridge Rd just east of Commanche Dr.

According to Captain Perkins, when firefighters arrived they discovered four separate fires. Two smaller fires were put out along Breckenridge Rd, while the other fires continue to burn. One of the fires started near an oil field but was immediately put out.

KCFD were also able to save a structure that was in danger of burning.

KCFD is using ground crews and two bulldozers to stop the fire from reaching oil fields and structures, along with multiple helicopters and planes to spread fire deterrent and water. US Forest Services is lending an air tanker to help put out the fire.

There is still no report of the cause of the fire, but investigators are out looking for a possible cause. There are no injuries and no structures are in danger of the fire.

KCFD hope to have the fire fully contained by Friday night.

Photos of the wildfire in the foothills of East Bakersfield. Photos By: Johnathan Wheatley



Photos of the Breckenridge fire after it swapped over the road. Photos by: Johnathan Wheatley

Videos by: Johnathan Wheatley