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This week, The Runner asked: Should stores start Black Friday on Thanksgiving or should employees have that time off to be with their families?

“I think it depends on the individual person. If they choose to work on black Friday then they choose to work or they have the choice to be with their family.” Said Breona Ross, a Human Biology major and Senior.

“I definitely think people should be home for the Holidays because that’s sort of the time to gather, you know. But I can also see from a marketing standpoint why that would be necessary as well, but I definitely think they should be home for the holidays.” David Awasman – Pre-engineering, Freshman.

“I think people should be able to be with their families on Thanksgiving – that’s if they really value it. Or it depends because sometimes they can work all day but then be with their family eventually. But I think they should be able to be with their families and since they’re moving it back further and further it kind of defeats the purpose of Black Friday, you know what I mean?

Keep it like the same as it’s always been. I don’t know why they have to change it. I know friends who were working on thanksgiving but like some of them didn’t mind it and just some of them were like ‘well I’ll be with my family eventually’ and some were like ‘it sucks but…’. It depends on the person and their values.” Faith Valdez – Liberal Studies, Senior

“It depends because some people don’t have families here, so if I had a job in retail I wouldn’t mind working Black Friday because I don’t have family in Bakersfield.” Devon Kurtz – Engineering, Senior

“They should just be with their family, because it’s Thanksgiving you’re supposed to be with your family. That’s how it always is, or that’s how it should be.” Chris Alcantar – Math, Junior

“I think they should be able to have time to spend with their families. I mean it’s Thanksgiving; they should be with their family enjoying the time, not over there working.” Itzel Colima – Liberal studies, Freshman