Runner on the road: Squirrel population control at CSUB

What are your thoughts about the fumigation of squirrels around campus by Facilities as a method of population control? 


Brhyona Thomas, Computer Engineering Major, Junior

It’s inhumane. I don’t understand why they are doing it.” 


Julian Reyes, Electrical Engineering Major, Senior

“I can understand they have to deal with overpopulation, but it seems irresponsible with the kit foxes on campus.” 


Justin Peterson, Physics Major, Senior

Yeah, I was reading about it. It just seems pretty weird that they would do that.” 


Mason Lee, Physics Major, Senior

It’s pretty crazy.” 


Aranxa Frausto, Liberal Studies Major, Freshman

“The squirrels are cute. One followed me from the Runner Café the other day. They dont bother me. 


Elsa Bravo, Liberal Studies Major, Freshman

“I feel like that is really bad. The squirrels don’t have a choice where they live, and they are not going to know what is going on.” 


Ester Torres, Liberal Studies Major, Freshman

“CSUB is known for the squirrels around campus. I dont like that they are killing them. It’s wrong.” 


Anthony May, Kinesiology Major, Sophomore

Wow, that is wrong. Those squirrels do not mess with anybody. I like seeing them around.”