Runner on the Road: “How do you feel about your first year fully back on campus?”

How do you feel about your first year fully back on campus?


Francisco Ortega- Traditional Biology Major

“I feel better than I did on Zoom because it is a lot easier to concentrate. I feel like if you need help from any other professors, they’re easier to access.”  


Josh Gordon- Kinesiology Professor

“My department, we’ve been back for a little while. We didn’t take too much time off because a lot of our labs are hands-on. “Having more people back feels more normal, higher energy and more enjoyable working here seeing more students and more things going on.” 


Jazmin Cano- Pre-Health Major

“As a freshman, you don’t really know what to expect, but it was alright. It was pretty awesome. “I did kind of feel like the spirit was kind of dead. I have a lot of older siblings and cousins who have gone here. They said it was more spirited and now it just died down and everyone is to themselves.”  


Lydia Perez- Communications Major

“I would definitely say it’s a drastic change, but it’s a good drastic change.” 


Jennifer Vandever- Philosophy and Psychology Major

“It feels honestly, really good. I’m really happy how CSUB has regulated the procedures to keep most people safe. I like that in this campus, most of the time people do follow the procedures, and it’s just been really fun getting to interact with people sociably again and getting to go to the events and just having a fun time at school besides just studying.”


Niki Hallmark- Public Health and Art Major

“It feels better. It’s easier to connect with my classmates and teachers.”


Huy Le- Business Major

“It’s really amazing. All of the instructors are really good to me. I’m an overseas student and everyone knows that English is my second language and so they really help me a lot.”  


Rafael Guevara- Computer Science Major

“It’s my first year here. I’m a freshman. It’s amazing, I learn new things, I meet new people. The feeling of being in person is so amazing.”