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Is the Mandela Effect real, or a defect in human memory?

Bliss Streeks 

February 19, 2019

Opinions Writer  Imagine waking up and your brother is no longer in existence. Your parents ask you what you are talking about, and state that you have never had a brother named John.  “Are you okay, honey?...

On and off the court, women face double standards

September 4, 2018

By Hana Ayoub Opinions Writer  Women not only have to worry about their performance on the courts, but about their appearances too. Strict dress codes and violations add an extra level of stress that men do not have t...

Koi pond in severe state of negligence

May 7, 2018

 Staff Editoral The once beautiful and serene Koi pond located behind the runner Cafe has fallen into a state of neglect and ruin.  The clear water has now turned so murky and algae-filled that the koi are barely visible ...

Graduation, is it worth the stress?

May 4, 2018

By Tanner Harris Reporter   It’s basically accepted by the students of CSU Bakersfield that every part of going to school is stressful. Getting to class, having a decent meal, constant exams and assignments, all s...

NBA Playoffs injury-ridden, still watchable to this fan

Vincent Perez

April 18, 2018

Sports Editor These NBA playoffs will be a test of fortitude for two big name teams.The defending NBA Champions, Golden State Warriors, will be without their star, Steph Curry. He suffered a MCL sprain back on March 23 and w...

How Convenient Will The New Convenience Store Be?

Sandra Merino

February 20, 2018

Reporter Spring semester at CSU Bakersfield is now in its fifth week of the term and the old Peet’s Coffee building continues to stand empty. Starbucks recently replaced Peet’s due to popular demand, and what was once Pee...

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