ASI discusses restrooms and transportation

ASI discusses campus issues
by Stephanie Cox

The Associated Students Inc. discussed the women’s bathroom and their lack of hooks and under-stocked feminine hygiene products, as well as problems with GET dropping students off farther away from campus.

Gessesl Romo, social sciences and education director, reported several complaints from female students that the hooks on the bathroom stalls were broken. Students also said they didn’t trust leaving them on the counters for fear of getting something stolen.

Another problem with the bathroom reported, by Vanessa Cofield, arts and humanities director, was that there weren’t enough feminine products in the bathroom.

Hilda Nieblas suggested that the ASI members talk with facilities and see how these issues could be resolved. They will then report back next week.

Another issue, reported by Birdie Gonzalez the lower division director, was an issue with buses. Students have complained about the buses dropping students off a great distance from the normal stop on campus due to events on campus. This weekend was the Bakersfield Jazz Festival so the buses were dropping off students at the dirt area outside campus. This resulted in several students being late according to Cofield.

Any student may submit issues with ASI about anything on campus.

ASI meets every Friday in the Multipurpose room in the Student Union at 3:15 p.m.