Homecoming king gives up crown

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Homecoming king gives up crown

Lauren Silvis

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The announcement of the homecoming king and queen came as a shock as the winner of the king title decided to give up his crown during the homecoming game Saturday night.

Deon Danehy was voted as homecoming king and passed down his crown to runner-up Vanessa Zepeda.

Earlier in the week, Zepeda said “I wanted to run this year to show visibility to all LGBT+ students. CSUB is definitely a safe zone, I’m so proud to be an LGBT+ student, a hispanic student, and hopefully the first female Homecoming King.”

Danehy thought Zepeda was more deserving of the crown.

“I wasn’t able to get to some of the events on campus but she went to all of them. I loved her message and I felt she deserved it,” said Danehy.

Zepeda was spotted at every homecoming week event on campus where she supported the Women’s Basketball Club, the LGBT+ Club, and multiple Honors Societies. 

Zepeda said she was shocked. “I’ve never seen something like that happen. It was shocking but it was awesome. I respect him because he was so respectful, he wasn’t ashamed to do it and he was proud to give it to me. The environment at CSUB is turning into such a positive place for all kinds of people,” said Zepeda.