CSUB hosts its first homecoming dance in 3 years

Autumn Layton, Features Editor

Homecoming Royalty Alfonso Hernandez Corral and Makaila Clay address the students at the homecoming dance. Photo by Ranara Lim / The Runner.

Bloom and Blossom was the theme for the Spring 2023 Homecoming dance and there was good music, new experiences, and a whole lot of fun.   

This year’s homecoming dance is new to a lot of students on campus. The last homecoming that the California State University, Bakersfield had was in Spring 2020.  

Nerissa Thompson, a sophomore Business Administration major, said, “I am so excited to experience this because my freshman year there was no homecoming dance.” 

The doors of the Bakersfield Marriott hall opened at 9:30 p.m. and people were ready to get their groove on. The check-in process took a bit, so if you didn’t come on time, it took a while to get in. A wristband was issued to you depending on your age and security checked your bag.  

There was a two-drink limit for students 21 and older and water or lemonade for underage students. Appetizers, such as cookies, cake slices, and more, were on tables in the hall’s lobby. The bar was in the center where drinks were sold to students.  

There were also University Police officers in attendance to ensure our safety. 

The dance floor was full of singing and dancing students that seemed to be enjoying their time. The DJ, Aaron Wan, also the president’s office Public Affairs Specialist, played songs from artists like YG and Bad Bunny to Soulja Boy and Doja Cat. The floor was completely packed with students jumping up and down to different songs.  

Midway through the night, the DJ announced the homecoming royalty on stage. They said a couple of words to hype up the students. 

Senior Royalty winner Makaila Clay, who majors in Human Biology, stated “I didn’t think that people would vote for me but thank you to everyone who did. Now let’s have a good time.” 

Another student from Canada, Jahnyl Howden enjoyed her first-ever college homecoming. The Junior Business Marketing major said, “I had a great experience dancing and singing with my friends, can’t wait till next year.”

Once the lights came on around 1:00 a.m., people scattered to gather their belongings to end their night of fun. It was a great turnout.