Old Homecomings remembered

By Abigail Youngblood



Homecoming offers a time to celebrate, be festive, and reminisce as students past and present come together to celebrate their school. CSU Bakersfield once again celebrates all week and ends, of course, with the Homecoming dance on the night of Feb. 27.

As past and present winners, students, and alumni attend this week’s events it is certain they will find a sense of school spirit, and an excitement that carries on throughout the week and into the final celebration.

CSUB student Nelly Moreno said that while she is not going to Homecoming this year she would like to attend as an alumna. The response was the same for student Nicole Sarmiente, who is not attending this year, but who said she would like to come back, “A year or so after I graduate.”

“I guess depending on how good or bad it is will decide if I come back,” said Susan Heredia, an 18 year-old liberal studies major, who will be attending homecoming at CSUB for the first time this year.

Homecoming has a rich history that dates back to the 19th century, and it has remained a staple event for many schools including CSUB. Something that has made Homecoming such a rich tradition is that it is rooted in complete school spirit and includes both current students and alumni.

Everyone comes together to cheer on the school’s team, vote for king and queen, and generally have fun. Homecoming week offers a chance for students to unify and be a part of the school and community that surrounds them.

As time goes on, the tradition of Homecoming holds tight as students celebrate their school and each other.

This event allows for creating positive and lasting memories of your college experience, and is a tradition that builds community and comradery that lasts through history.

“Inside, the Homecoming looked much like last year’s, even down to the casino games, which seem to have become a staple of CSUB events,” said Nathan Campbell a previous Runner staff member who wrote an article on Homecoming in 2009, the same year he was nominated for king.

For the 2009 sold-out Homecoming, the awards for king and queen went to Jamaal Tolbert and Wendy Martinez.