Some students plan to party after Homecoming

Haleigh Earls


CSU Bakersfield’s Alice in Wonderland themed homecoming dance will be held on Feb. 27 at the DoubleTree Hotel. The homecoming dance is a time for students to socialize together and have a good time until 1 a.m. The fun will continue for some students at bars around town.

“I’ll probably be going to Whiskey Barrel with some of my friends once the dance is over, or once we’re bored of the dance,” senior economics major Hanna Webb said.

Senior business administration major Joshua Richert is also planning on going to a bar after the dance.

“I spend a majority of my weekends at The Pour House, so that’s most likely where my friends and I will be going,” said Richert. “We’ll probably meet more of our friends there who don’t go to school with us and end the night there.”

While the night is still young for some students at 1 a.m., junior liberal studies major Reagan Poe, plans on ending their night when the dance is over.

“I think I’m just going to go back home and go to bed afterward, 1 a.m. is late for me,” Poe said.

However, other students will not be going to the homecoming dance this year. Senior Briana Sanchez will not be attending because of what happened last year when she and her sister tried to go.

“They wouldn’t let us buy our tickets at the door. Apparently they needed to be bought beforehand, but we didn’t know that,” Sanchez said. “So instead of going to the dance, I’ll most likely go out to dinner with friends and then hang out at home.”

Some students, like sophomore Morgan Wood, were unaware that CSUB held homecoming dances.

“Maybe I’ll end up going to it now that I know about it, and if any of my friends are going, but that would probably be the only thing I do for the night,” said Wood.