You don’t deserve $15 for flipping burger patties

By Richard Garibay

Opinions Editor

I’ve recently heard a lot of talk about minimum wage being increased to $15.00 from the already increased $9.00. This comes from a measure approved in May of this year by the California senate. I cannot tell you how much I disagree with a $15.00 dollar minimum wage. First off, what is some pimply face high school kid doing at McDonald’s that is worth $15.00? I didn’t know flipping patties was so dangerous or was such a valuable skill that it demanded that kind of money? The reason these jobs pay so little is because they are unskilled, hence the name ‘entry-level’. If you want more money you should earn it. Just take a look at jobs that pay $15.00, according to the California Employment Development Department website they are bus drivers, pre-school teachers and broadcast technicians just to name a few. The reason they deserve $15.00 is because of education. These jobs require specialized skills that aren’t taught with a company training video or manual. How could anyone demand that a food server be paid more? They don’t have any skills that aren’t common knowledge. The main argument for the huge increase is that people working these jobs can’t earn a living. I hate to break it to you but these are not careers for making a living. The only way to make a living with minimum wage is working multiple jobs and that shouldn’t change. Soon minimum wage workers will start demanding full benefits stock options. Instead of fighting so hard for a higher wage at an awful fast food restaurant why not look for a better paying job? California lawmakers should do the same. Instead of passing legislation that’ll raise wages for these low quality jobs they should make it easier for people to get an education and find the higher paying careers. The jobs you’re trying to improve are terrible jobs. It’s a lot like trying to gold plate a turd. If you want more money that’s fine with me, everyone does, but don’t try to convince me that you deserve it for doing some job that a seventeen year old gets for the summer.