Fruit Man Edges His Fans Towards Insanity


A photo of Harry Styles’ new album titled “Harry’s House” releasing May 20. Photo from@HarryStyles on instagram

Kiara Zabala, Staff Writer

Harry Styles has become a household name over the last few years as he continues to dominate in every area of entertainment that he can manage to get a role in. From singing to acting to even modeling for Gucci and putting out his own nail polish, Styles is slowly starting to do it all. Although I wish I could go back to 2010 when he was just a no name competing on a TV show, I am so proud of how far he has come. No matter how big he gets, I will support him the entire journey.  

There are many reasons Styles has such a big following from all around the entire world. One of the main traits about Styles that keeps his fans coming back in swarms is the odd way that he announces his new releases of music. His new album Harry’s House, which is set to be released May 20, was no exception. He certainly did not make this easy on us in any way at all. Now, as we look back, it makes me realize how he was screaming at us and dropping so many hints. He was wanting us to crack his clues before we were ready because he knows just how devoted we all are.  

Devoted fans first believed that Styles first started dropping hints for this upcoming album with multiple lyrics within his second album Fine Line. Some of his songs contained lyrics such as, “I’m going home” and “kiss in the kitchen like it’s a dance floor,” which are ties back to a home. Looking back at it now, it seems that Styles was trying to slowly hint at this upcoming album. 

He hosted a two-night concert special that he creatively called “HARRYWEEN” which took place on Oct. 30 and 31st at Madison Square Garden. Styles invited all guests to dress up since this was supposed to be a themed two-night event. On night 1, he absolutely shocked the crowd as he stepped out on stage in a Dorothy outfit from the Wizard of Oz. This outfit idea of his was also another little teaser that fans would not connect the dots until after his album release was announced. Dorothy’s character in the story was best known for her phrase “there’s no place like home.” Styles most likely wore that costume for that exact callback to her phrase. Styles was looking for his home. He killed this outfit and his costume was just another example of how he likes to test the gender norms. As he has stated before, sexuality and gender are both supposed to be fun in his eyes. No matter what Styles is wearing, he looks beyond good in all he wears and could pull off anything he tried on. 

On his last leg of his North American tour, Styles performed for Long Island on Nov. 28, 2021. During his final song of the show, Styles yelled “One more time, loud as you possibly can, send me home!” The whole arena and fans watching his show through livestreams all felt chills. Personally, I cried. Every time I scroll across a video of him saying that from his last concert, I cannot help the chills that course through my body. It seemed as if there was some sort of double meaning to what he was saying as he played that final song. He seemed to be calling out, hoping that he would truly be sent home at the end of his tour.  

Months had passed after Styles had performed on that Sunday night. The world was anxiously waiting for him to move with any indication towards his next album. Fans have even started making Twitter accounts to keep track of how many days it had been since Harry interacted or “moved.” Then during early March, there was finally some sort of movement from him. A door appeared on a website with social media handles across all platforms that was named “youarehome.” Fans were quick to assume that this was the work of Styles even though we had no proof of him being involved at all. Each day, fans would wait for the door to open and showcase a new image behind the door. Looking back at when the door was first discovered, it seems so silly to me that we just blindly followed a door and linked it to him. However, being a fan of this so called “Fruit Man” as we like to call him, causes you to believe that anything suspicious in the world could somehow be tied back to him.  

Fans were finding that these small clips of images that flashed behind the doors once opened were tied to works of art that also had ties to the overall idea of home such as Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Nature and Selected Essays.” On March 23, Styles finally broke his silence by announcing on his social media platforms that his new album would be called Harry’s Home and would be released on May 20. 

His fans also realized that Styles had planned the doors very well in his case. Thirteen doors for thirteen singles. Thirteen doors leading up to April 1. What is April 1 you ask? April 1 is when us fans will finally be able to hear his first single off his upcoming, highly anticipated album. His new single, “As It Was” has us all nervous about what is to come next. With such little to no warning every time he does something new, some of us fans have even resorted to being afraid to sleep. This man has such a hold on us that we are so afraid to close our eyes at night in fear of missing any music that he could drop. 

During his Love On Tour, Styles discovered the word edging and what it meant. Now it seems that Styles lives for “edging” his fans at any chance he gets. With him being so secretive, it has caused a lot of us to go into detective mode and overanalyze just about everything. You would think that after being a fan of him after all these years I would be use to it. I am not, even in the slightest. Yet, I always love figuring out the mysteries he leaves behind and piecing together the clues. Even if he loves to see us panic when he does the simplest of things, such as tweeting “Do.”

Fans still are on the edge of their seats, unaware when Styles will move again and what he will announce next. All of his fans know that it isn’t easy to follow him, but we do so anyways because where’s the fun in just announcing something. Why not make the fans work for it? Working for what he has planned makes it even more worth it in the end. Despite how crazy it seems; I personally would follow that man to the end of the Earth. I was here before he went solo in his music and I will be here long after, probably still waiting for that One Direction reunion.