Top 5 Spring 2022 Fashion Trends


Graphic done by Alexis Shofner

Alexis Shofner, Staff Writer

Leaving comfortability behind this year’s spring fashion is all about boldness. The trends are redesigning some old favorites while giving us the confidence and creative freedom needed to face the world again. These are my top 5 favorite wearable trends from the runway; all easy enough to incorporate into your wardrobe.

1. Platform Shoes.

I admit I have always been a chunky shoe lover –and not just because they add height to my 5 foot 2 inches. They are a great statement piece to add to any outfit and come in different forms, making them easy to style for different occasions.

“Right now, it’s platform everything. The higher, the chunkier, the better,” said celebrity stylist Nicole Chavez in a CNN interview.

2. Mini and Slit-Cut Skirts.

We have seen miniskirts gain popularity recently with the comeback of the Y2K style. Y2K is an abbreviation for the year 2000 with the style of that era including things like tracksuits, chunky shoes, bucket hats, metallics, and of course, miniskirts. They are sticking around this season with a side-slit added in. While it may show a bit too much skin for some it can always be worn atop some sheer or lacey tights for a bit more coverage.

3. Color Blocking.

The technique of color blocking consists of pairing two or more bold and often contradictory colors together in one outfit according to Byrdie, one of the largest beauty sites on the internet. It was shown on the runways of Dior, Tom Ford, and Versace for their Spring-Summer 2022 collections and was listed in the top 15 trends of spring by InStyle magazine.

4. Drape Pieces.

Purposefully draped or wrinkled pieces are reminiscent of fabric often seen in paintings during the renaissance era, which I think is why I love this trend so much. It feels very Grecian, very goddess-like, and very romantic. The folds are fluid and give the outfit an effortless look. Pairing a silky draped dress with platform heels or boots is an amazing date-night outfit.

5. Suits.

Suits don’t just have to be for weddings or business meetings anymore. They are popping up this season in bold colors, oversized, and three pieces. The great thing about this trend is it can be dressed up or down and since it’s essentially one coherent outfit it is easier to accessorize.