5 ways to bloom in spring

Alexis Shofner, Staff Writer

Spring signifies a period of rebirth in the natural world around us. There is no better time to reset, reorganize, and reevaluate our lives than this critical season. From cleaning tips to mood board ideas, here are 5 tips on how to create your own springtime agenda.

1. Categorize your cleaning.

Decluttering your environment will always be beneficial and is usually what most people think of when they hear the term “spring cleaning,” but there are other areas that need occasional tidying up. Separating your cleaning routine into more specific categories like digital, personal, and home will help you stay more organized when getting to cleaning. You could also make certain days correlate to each category, for example, Wednesdays are when I focus on ridding digital clutter and Sundays are for household chores.

2. Start a mood board.

This tip doesn’t only apply to springtime, but it is a great time to start experimenting with creating a personalized mood board, either digital or physical. Similar to separating your cleaning routine, you could even make separate mood boards for each area of your life. Many artists, designers, and even CEOsuse mood boards to visually represent their goals. Creating a mood board enables one to practice the Law of Attraction by assembling images and/or quotes that evoke positive emotional responses, according to Grace Markel’s 2020 article for Her Campus.

3. Try new things.

Since springtime represents rebirth, a good way to allow yourself to grow this season is by getting out of your comfort zone. Trying one new thing a week is a great way to ease yourself into this tip. Perhaps instead of ordering your usual Starbucks drink, you try a new one or try out an entirely different café if you’re feeling ambitious. According to a 2017 HuffPost article, trying new things not only allows you to get to know yourself better but also stimulates creativity and opens new developmental opportunities.

4. Transition your wardrobe.

Having the right clothes for the season is also an important step for your agenda. Spring is full of vibrant colors and warm weather; so, your closet should be able to adapt to that. Ditch the winter sweaters and opt for comfy basics like t-shirts, jeans, or even a good set of leisurewear. This could also be your chance to try something new if you don’t normally wear colors.

5. Get down to earth.

Learning to become more connected to nature is obtainable at any point of the year but since springtime is pivotal for nature, it’s a great time to start. This can only be done, however, by allowing yourself to spend time outside. A few ways to incorporate nature into your life are by starting a garden, taking walks, or meditating in an outdoor area. Whichever outdoor activity you choose to partake in, be sure to take a moment to recognize the beauty and abundance around you.