Newly released film ‘Antlers’ masters suspense

Juniva Bojorquez, Staff Writer

“Antlers” is a wonderful horror mystery film directed by Scott Cooper that was released to theaters on Oct. 29, 2021. The starring cast is Jesse Plemons, Keri Russell, and Jeremy T. Thomas.

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The film starts out with a mystery that puts the audience on the edge of their seats. It is set in a small town in Oregon, where there are lots of trees and fog. Throughout the movie, it is so dark, gloomy, and eerie that it has the audience in suspense.

From the start of the movie, it focuses on a young boy named Lucas, his teacher named Julia Meadows, and the teacher’s brother named Paul Meadows, who is a cop of the town. The teacher notices that Lucas is always very quiet and always has the same clothes on, and she begins to get concerned for him. His teacher feels like she is responsible for this boy and wants to make sure that he is doing good. She does not understand what is going on with the young boy. She feels that she needs to be there for this little boy because she herself did not have a good childhood.

Lucas’ father, Frank, and little brother Aiden are very sick throughout the whole movie, and it is not quite explained what is really going on until the end. Lucas is always seen by him-self, and throughout the movie, he sets up traps to catch animals. He is never seen eating the animals himself or creating any type of taxidermy with these animals, but instead, he is seen throwing them into a room in the house with locks on it.

The creepy creature Antlers is something else, and the movie is great because the creature is not fully seen until the end, which is a great way to keep the mystery going. The creature is a wendigo, and the background of it is explained in the movie.

Overall, “Antlers” is a great movie to watch as the suspense keeps building up, and there are quite a lot of jump scares throughout the movie.