TikTok is for everyone

Adamary Lopez, Reporter

The mobile application TikTok has completely taken over social media this year by providing users with a creative and entertaining platform. TikTok is a great marketplace for tutorials, small and large business promotions, and a place for users to build and share interests with each other. 

A major portion of this year has been spent in quarantine, but the mobile application has allowed its users to interact with each other during these isolating times.  

TikTok is a great application for users of all ages. However, it also receives a lot of criticism regarding the app’s popular content. Typically, what tends to trend are new dance challenges and videos that touch on social issues. Critics believe many of these trends are sensitive and too explicit for young viewers.  

NBC News online mentions, “People of all ages use TikTok… your child could come across swearing, scantily clad adults, and suggestive dancing.” 

Sensitive topics such as rape, racism, and politics are published and discussed within the app. Although TikTok is rated Teen on Google’s app service Play Store and 12+ on the App Store, many online critics disagree with teenagers using the app. 

Earlier this month, a video of a man committing suicide, which had originally been published on Facebook, began to circulate on TikTok as well. According to BBC News, before the video was taken down, a woman by the name of Brenda claims her 14-year-old daughter saw the video, causing her trauma as she casually scrolled through her recommended videos.  

There is, however, a place for everyone on the app. The app’s home page, which consists of a “For You” and “Following” tab, actually provides a variety of educational and entertaining content. Users upload tutorials and life hacks on a variety of topics such as cooking and fashion. Additionally, users can implement their own unique twists on popular dances and challenges.  

Celebrities can also duet or share some of their follower’s most creative posts, giving their subscribers recognition for their talents. TikTok is a great app for exposure, making it really easy to gain popularity on the app.  

Additionally, the app has an algorithm designed to share content from across the world. The app shares videos from millions of worldwide users in order to promote diversity on its platform. The app also suggests social justice videos, hashtags, users, and informational websites. TikTok purposely does this because although some topics may be described as sensitive, it is important to stay informed rather than ignorant. It is critical that our youth learns about the true state of our world, and doing so on the app is safe. 

The New York Times mentions, “[TikTok] encourages users to jump from audience to audience, trend to trend, creating something like simulated temporary friend groups.” 

TikTok also takes precautionary steps to ensure user safety when discovering new content. Due to recent backlash regarding explicit videos that have resurfaced on the app, TikTok is constantly updating and monitoring its community guidelines, removing explicit posts as soon as they are made public. The application can be trusted as a safe place for users to enjoy content. These features have allowed the app to maintain its global success.  

The application definitely lives up to the hype it has had all year. It is easy to get indulged in the app’s never-ending content. The application has everything from popular songs to playful humor. There’s a post for everyone on the app and also a place for everyone to feel welcomed.  

“I personally believe TikTok is very addicting… I would be on there for hours and let time fly,” said CSU Bakersfield student Citlali Leon.  

Whether you like keeping up with the latest trends, being expressive and creative, learning a new dance move, how to change a tire, or simply being entertained and getting a nice laugh out of it, TikTok is definitely the app for everyone to use in 2020.