Postponed commencement feels like a dream delayed

Francisco Ruiz, Features Writer

 Graduation is approaching quickly, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, all ceremonies are being postponed until further notice. Most students are now coping with the fact that, unfortunately, they won’t be able to walk across the stage and share their accomplishments with their family and friends.  

  Now that commencement will not be held this May, many graduates are finding different ways to celebrate their accomplishments, such as doing small get-togethers or graduation ceremonies at home. Others feel that walking across the stage is necessary in order to feel that their hard work has paid off.  

 “It feels like we’re not actually graduating. There is no culminating event, so my college experience kind of feels incomplete. From the moment you enter as a freshman, you’re looking forward to walking across that stage. We don’t get to do that for an undetermined amount of time, and for some of us moving on or taking jobs, not ever,” CSUB student Katiee McDaniel said.  

 McDaniel explains that it doesn’t really feel that she is graduating because she has been looking forward to this event ever since she was a freshman in high school. Because graduation is postponed, the college experience doesn’t feel complete to McDaniel.    

 CSUB student Abigail Soto states, “I’m a first-generation college student, this is my fifth year working towards my BA, and I’m heartbroken by not being able to cross the stage. My family and friends are still very supportive of my accomplishment, but it still feels as if I’m not graduating at all. Especially not having the opportunity to purchase my cap and gown or tassel, I can’t even take pictures for memories. It feels like I’ve worked so hard and have nothing to show for it. For the past five years I’ve dreamt about how it would feel to graduate college in front of all my loved ones and now that’s gone. Although, I am continuing to the credential program and then my masters, celebrating my bachelor’s degree was definitely a monumental thing for me.”   

 Soto explains that she has been at CSUB for the past five years, and that ever since she’s been a Runner, she has been dreaming about walking across that stage and celebrating her accomplishment with her family and friends. On the hand, Soto is happy to finally be done with her bachelor’s degree, and will be pursuing a higher credential program.   

 “My dad wants to do a little party with just those of us in the house. We’re going to cook up some ribs and my dad who is faculty at CSUB is going to give me my diploma once I get it in the mail and well do a little ceremony with it,” CSUB liberal studies major Candice Livingston said.  

 Livingston explains that even though there isn’t going to be a graduation ceremony this semester at CSUB, she is still going to celebrate her accomplishment with her family and friends at her house. Livingston will have a small graduation ceremony at her house once she receives her degree in the mail.