CSUB president Zelezny addresses student concerns about credit or no credit grading

Megan Tishma, Reporter

  President Zelezny hosted the second Virtual Runner Walk and Talk on Thursday afternoon, April 9.  Attendance was at a high of 133 participants with many students and faculty tuning in. 

  President Zelezny started the meeting with updates on some of the concerns that had been brought up previously.  

  One of the main concerns for students were financial concerns.  Students who need a lab and material fee refund should reach out to the financial aid office. In order to apply for a refund, students will need a professor’s signature. A student asked about why SRC fees are not being refunded, President Zelezny expressed that these are mandatory fees and students can still access online classes from the SRC.  In addition, she mentioned that students are paying for the SRC renovation with these fees.  

  There is an emergency fund grant available for students who may need it and they are encouraged to apply if they need help with food or housing during this time.  Students needing any financial aid help or who would like to see if there are any options available for assistance during this time are encouraged to contact Dwayne Cantrell, the associate vice president of enrollment management, at [email protected]. 

  The food pantry is also still available, even though the campus is closed, for students who may need help with food. The food pantry’s hours are Monday and Wednesday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and Tuesday and Thursday, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.  

  Students also asked for updates on commencement. Zelezny said that there are no set plans yet and any plans are probably weeks away.  She acknowledged that the committee was taking students’ concerns into consideration, noting that a virtual commencement and a joint fall/spring commencement were not the plan.  Diplomas will still be mailed out starting June 8. 

  Another concern Zelezny addressed is classes being switched to credit or no credit.  The Academic Senate decided to extend the deadline to May 1 for students to petition to switch from letter grades to credit or no credit.  Students would be limited to 6 units being switched and they would need a signature and advising from their professor and the department dean. This switch would only apply to the individual student and not to an entire class.  

  The chancellor for the CSU system, Timothy White, has directed that all CSUs close as many shared spaces as possible, and this will include the library computer lab.  There is a virtual computer lab that students can utilize. Zelezny said if students needed to come to campus for WiFi, to stay in the parking lots in their cars to help keep themselves safe. 

  Other online resources are available to students as well.  The Student Health Center is serving appointments online. They can be contacted at 661-654-2394.  The Counseling Center is also open for students virtually during this time, and they can be contacted at 661-654-3366. 

  ASI President Aaron Wan also announced that ASI will be holding weekly town halls to keep students updated on Friday from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.