Smoothing the transition with pizza and resources


Eli Miranda

Ben Webby, happily holding up a CSUB Transfers shirt in the Student Union Blue room 137 on Wednesday Jan. 29th.

Estefany Henriquez, Reporter

  The spring 2020 semester has begun, and many transfer students are starting their first semester at CSU Bakersfield. 

  On Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2020, the Transfer Pizza Social took place from 11 a. m. until 1 p. m. in the Student Union, where transfer students were invited to explore all that CSUB has to offer, and learn about the services available to them. Students who participated received food and refreshments, along with commemorative tshirts.  

  The students also explored the Club Fair, and learned how to build connections with others. 

  Transfer Student Success Coordinator Natasha Harris wanted to find a way to make the transition from other colleges to CSUB as seamless as possible. 

  Transfer students needs were not being addressed. They were not being given a full introduction the campus. They had their orientation and afterward it was, ‘Here is the campus.’ Through Transfer Connect, we’re hoping to connect our transfer students with different departments on campus, give them resources, and address any issue or concerns that they have as transfer students,” Harris said.
  Amani Hernandez, CSUB Transfer Specialist, works with students coming from Bakersfield College to CSUB. 

  Some ways to help with the transitions, according to Hernandez, are classroom tours and oneonone meetings, which are less stressful for the students. 

  Monica Haji-Amiri, a criminal justice major who transferred from Fullerton College, said, “I wanted to experience a different area and culture.”  

  Haji-Amiri said she felt welcomed and now has a goal of engaging and networking with people, someday graduating from this university having left her mark on the campus. 

  Noelani Reyes, a psychology major who transferred from Bakersfield College, voiced her reason for choosing CSUB. According to Reyes, the close proximity was a factor in choosing to attend CSUB. She says that transferring has been thrilling and already a learning adventure. In addition, a key feature of coming to a new campus was the new friends she made. 

  “I expect to leave this campus with long term friendships,” Reyes said.
  Justin Zuniga, an English literature major who transferred from Bakersfield College, says he is here to get a degree. 

  According to Zuniga, the transition from a community college to a university has been different but also contains similar characterestics, further elaborating by saying that it’s a step above and feels more mature. 

  Aaliyah Beed, a communications major who helped with the Transfer Pizza Social event, said that the goal for this event was “to let the transfers get to know each other and give them the tools they need in order to succeed.”  

According to Beed, getting involved on campus is important in order to get the full experience of attending college.
  There are many resources available for transfer students. The Transfer Student Center, which helps transfer students with admission counseling and eligibility issues, course or credit transferability, and transfer workshops. 

  Natasha Harris mentioned in her speech that she and the rest of the Transfer Student Center staff are also working toward establishing a resource center and honor society both specifically for transfer students.