Review: Service at Starbucks not heating up


Students fill the newly opened Starbucks during the first week of the spring semester. Photo by Andrew Paredez/ The Runner

By Danielle Blankenship

Opinions Editor

  If you’ve been over by the Student Union in the past two weeks, chances are you’ve seen the new Starbucks connected to the bookstore. And if you’ve been in the new Starbucks, chances are you’ve dealt with long lines, slow service, but bright and cheerful baristas.

  The Starbucks is a very large facility with varied types of seating including a cushioned bench along the back corner, four chairs along the bar, multiple two-seater tables, and a long table near the cashier. 

  One big issue with the seating is the oddly short, stool styled tables used for the two-seater section. 

  They fail to serve any purpose other than holding one or two cups at a time; very counterproductive for students trying to use their laptop or study.

  Another issue is how far from classrooms and offices this new coffee house is compared to the old Peet’s location along the Red Brick Road. 

  This sentiment is shared by English Professor Charles MacQuarrie and English Department Administration Assistant Kathy Hafler, who both believe the idea of placing a “mini Starbucks” where the old Peet’s was would have been a better alternative for those across campus in the new Humanities Office Building.

  Despite the distance, many students flock to the Starbucks at all times of the day. 

  Monica Juarez, a sophomore English major, made the trek across campus for the first time and said, “[Starbucks] doesn’t look like a school coffee shop. It’s big and has a very chill atmosphere to it. Seems like a good place to do work at.”

  Its size and atmosphere is certainly appealing to students who want to do some quick studying or chatting with friends. 

  However, its popularity has resulted in a very unique style of ordering that I’ve never seen at another Starbucks.

  When one first approaches the cashiers, it seems that there are two lines, but there is actually a line to order at and a line to pay at. 

  There aren’t any signs to inform customers, just word of mouth from people standing in line or the cashiers yelling it out every few minutes.

  Nursing Major, Jennifer Knowles said, “I guess [two lines are] ment for the ordering to go faster. It felt quick because my drink was done by the time I paid.”

  If you planned on paying with the Starbucks Gold Card reward system, you’ll be affronted to know that that option isn’t available yet. No official day of when it will be accepted has been announced. 

  While I was interviewing, I noticed new signs being placed on the doors that said, “In order to provide additional training to the staff, and improve the customer experience, Starbucks will be closing 2 hours early each night, through Friday. February 2.”

  This might be a little annoying to students who are already neck deep in assignments and tests, but I believe just one look at the exhausted, stressed baristas will convince most students that these employees need the extra help.

  Overall, the seating is awkward, payment lines are odd, but the speed of service and the quality is amazing. 

  Let’s just hope they’re ready for mid-terms and finals.