ASI candidates debate at election open forum

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ASI candidates debate at election open forum

Sonia Lemus

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Associated Students Inc. held the open forum and debate for its 2017-18 candidates at noon on April 3 in the Student

Union Multipurpose Room. Sixteen out of the 27 candidates were able to attend the forum.  

The forum mainly focused on four of the five main ASI positions: President, Vice President of Campus Life, Vice

President of Finance, and Vice President of University Affairs.

Precious Nwaoha was not present at the forum to debate the position of Executive Vice President.

Only two offices, the VP of Campus Life and The VP of Finance, had more than one candidate present at the forum.  

The two candidates running for VP of Campus Life were Brittany Fowler and Mohammed Cook. Neither has direct experience with ASI, but both have done work around campus having to do with programming.   

Fowler has worked closely with her sorority Gamma Phi Beta to make a charity volleyball game, and she has been part of the Distinguished Young Woman’s scholarship. She plans on making a diversity club fair, an annual multi-cultural day, and random acts of kindness week.  

Cook has worked closely with Director of Campus Programming Emily Poole. Cook wants to create a Meet Program which will work on social media to get students to connect with each other over a social media platform.

The other position with more than one contender was VP of Finance. Justin McKinley and Emma Kiaie both have no previous experience with student government but they do hold positions in their respective organizations and are involved in several other organizations around campus.

McKinley wants to first learn what students want. He also wants to get clubs more involved, as well as increase travel funds.

“I want to get people to love CSUB,” said McKinley. “I am willing to work and communicate with anyone to help students.”

Kiaie is the current treasurer of Phi Sigma Sigma, and she has worked with accountants to make a budget for her sorority. She wants to work closely with her committee, and she wants students to be excited about coming to school.

Both Brianihi De Leon and Julissa Del Toro are running for Director of Educational Events.  

De Leon is running for re-election, and she spoke about creating the event “BJ’s in your PJ’s” for the purpose of providing sexual education. She is the current president of fashion club, as well as the treasurer for Runner Nation. She is also involved in her local McFarland community.  

Del Toro is a member of the Nu Phi Chi sorority. She is involved in several other associations around campus, as well as her local community of Arvin. She wants to help educate students about health and immigration, and to bring more motivational speakers to school.

The next candidate was Jose Garcia. He is the current Director of Facilities, and he is running for the position of Director of Sustainability.

Fernando Mora is running for the position of Director of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering. He has no prior involvement in ASI, but is involved in many societies relating to the sciences.

Jorge Zamora and Garrison Moratto are both running for Director of Legislative Affairs. Neither has experience in ASI, but both have experience with local government.

Zamora has lobbied for Andre Gonzalez, and is currently working with him to help solve the homeless problem in Bakersfield. He wants to lobby and promote CSSA meetings and create an inviting campus where students are involved.

Moratto has interned with Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and has interned for Kern County’s Deputy Chief Administrative Officer.

Sonny Medina and Aaron Wan are both running for the position of Director of the LEAD Program.

Wan is running for re-election. In this position, he created workshops for students, and he wants to create a better connection with the community.

Medina was a member of LEAD. He wishes to bring back some programs and focus on shrinking the divide between ASI and the student body.

Anthony Ponce is running for the position of Director of Business and Public Administration. He wishes to create more opportunities in the classroom and strengthen the connection between students and professors.

One thing all candidates agreed on was that CSUB students need to vote. No matter who you vote for, the important thing is that you vote.


ASI vice president of campus life candidate Mohammed Cook informs students on what he plans to do in the position during the Candidate Forum Monday, April 3. Photo by Karina Diaz/The Runner