2022 ASI Election Results are In


Canva Illustration by Marlene Garcia/ The Runner

Graciela Aguilar, Staff Writer

A campus wide email was sent to all California State University, Bakersfield students Wednesday April 6 at 8 a.m. to vote fort this years Associated Student Incorporated elections.  

708 students voted and there was a 7.6% voter turnout according to ASI Elections Coordinator, Jason Watkins. This year’s voter turnout was much higher than the previous year’s percentage being at 2.6% of the student body.  

However, ASI is still waiting on the outcome of the election for Vice President of Finance that resulted in a separate run-off election between Erick Plata Torres and Julissa Chavana. A run-off election was necessary in this case, because of the three candidates running with no candidates scoring a voting percentage of 50%.  

With three initial candidates running for the position, Torres received a 48.9% of votes just barely missing the winning percentage of 50% that would have made him the outright winner. Julissa Chavana scoring 27.3% and Daniel Albiar 23.8%  

Nonetheless, the new and updated Board of Directors for the 2022–23 year are:  

ASI President  

  • Carson Vollmer  


Executive Vice President  


  • Maria Espinoza  


Vice President Campus Life  


  • Ramneet Dhillon  


Vice President of Finance  

  • Yet to be determined  


Vice President of Legislative Affairs  


  • Ignacio Castillo  


Vice President of University Affairs 


  • Daisy Alamillo  


ASI Director Outreach  


  • Kayla Medina  


Director Athletics Engagement  


  • Garrisen Freeman  


Director Clubs and Organizations Outreach 


  • Kenlee Calvin-Stoll 

Director of Diversity Inclusion  


  • Alejandro Romero  


Director International Students and Relations  

  • Wefaq Alshami  


Director Social Media Marketing  

  • Gabby Acosta-Tackett  


Director Sustainability  

  • Sarah Alame 


Director Arts and Humanities  

  • Yasmin Marcelo  


Director Natural Science Mathematics and Engineering  

  • Jacob Roper  


The current ASI board will be taking applications for the positions that did not have candidates running April 11.  This includes, Director of Community Outreach, Director of Student Support, Director of Students with Disabilities, Director of Graduate Students, Director of Public and Business administration, Director of Social Sciences and Education, and Director of Transfer Students.