Meet Mohammed M. Cook

Mohammed Cook is running for ASI Vice President of Campus Life. Photo by Christopher Mateo


I could regurgitate and elaborate on terms that reflect responsibility and leadership. I could be straightforward and remind the committee that I have less than $100 to my name, and the scholarship will transition into a few more months of living. I could talk about the artistry of making people smile and having an in-depth understanding of feeling “millennial joy.” I could speak on my prior experience working with Campus Programming. Then I thought, what if I spoke in fallacies? Using modern Republican campaign techniques and stating “why not?” and claim more than I know, where students will hear my confidence, and assume I have the adequate credentials. The goal “of appealing to the ASI gatekeepers” can be as simple as Googling speech techniques with a webpage tab open to and reciting the adult verbiage. 

Therefore, I concluded my reasoning for wanting the position is the desire for a job that reflects my personal mission statement. I want to make school cool. I am tired of students undermining the joy of academia. We are reminded via social media that the perception of a university education is redundant. Obtaining a higher education is not always the popular vote. College has more depth than parties and class. College isn’t strictly Greek life. A campus is a place of trial and error, expansion of ones’ talents, social interaction and relations. With my dedication, outgoing personality, team spirit, experience and past failures, I can bring the affairs of campus under one common goal.


Questions compiled by Sonia Lemus

Q and A:

Q: Tell us about you.
Mohammed Cook: My name is Mohammed Cook. I’m a senior within the business administration and electrical engineering program.  On campus, I was involved in Campus Programming for a year and half, and worked in the Fabrications Laboratory as a student assistant over the summer for the past two years.  Off Campus, I am involved in photography clubs throughout Bakersfield and Los Angeles, and work as a summer teacher at Garces High as a robotics instructor.
Q: What are your plans for CSUB if you are elected?
MC: I would like the opportunity for the student body to understand that it is okay to enjoy student life. I want to change the stigma of being involved on campus. I want the visual representation of the clubs and organizations of our events to be appraised. I understand that first impressions make a difference, and if the stigma of involvement can shift, not only will more students want to be involved on campus, but incoming students will want to transfer. Within the next year, I see more students walking through the Student Union on their down time checking the boards for upcoming events. By summer 2021, I see a renovation and expansion of the SU due to popularity of campus activity, athletics, architectural update of the building.

Q: What made you take an interest in student government?
MC: My interest with ASI started with my employment of Campus Programming. I liked the organization, but I didn’t like the limitations of the creative direction. I am forever loyal to Emily Poole’s organization, and I thank her for teaching me the stepping stools of the office environment, although I wanted a deeper involvement with the student body. I do not have any prior involvement with student government, although the only way to become involved with student government is to take the first step and run. My only concern with CSUB’s student government is the disrespectful techniques they use when campaigning against one another.

Q: Why are you the best candidate for the job?
MC: I am the best candidate because I enjoy working with the student body. I like watching individuals’ ideas stem from an idea, then progress to reality. I have learned how to manage groups of all ages, and if given the opportunity, I can transition that into my spot in office.

Q: Do you have any talents, or interesting hobbies you engage in outside of school?
MC: Videography, photography, fashion design, music production, robotics, started my own magazine, BMW enthusiast and mechanic.