CSU Board of Trustees consider increasing tuition

Chris Mateo



The CSU Board of Trustees decided to vote on a tuition increase after receiving less than half of the requested funding from the state government.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget only allocated half of the funds the CSU system had requested and the board has decided to increase tuition by $270 for each of the 23 universities.

Students who are receiving financial aid will not be affected by the increase because their financial aid will be modified to cover the new fees.

The undergraduate tuition is scheduled to increase by $270, credential programs by $312 and the graduate tuition by $438.

Some CSU Bakersfield students are not in agreeance with the proposal.

“I disagree,” said liberal studies major Daizy Alvarez. “It is already expensive. Personally, financial aid pays for my tuition, but for the people that do have to pay it should not increase.”

Other students empathize with those who will be affected by the increase.

Some students are worried because next semester they will have to pay tuition out of pocket, like Natalie Beltran a biochemistry major at CSUB.

“It’s is not fair because people already struggle to pay tuition,” said Beltran. “Adding $270 does not seem like much but it is still making students pay more.”

Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer Steve Reylan expressed that tuition increases are no simple matter the board takes lightly.

“We will work in partnership with our students, faculty, staff, alumni, board members and others to receive the full funding of the trustees’ budget from the state of California,” said Reylan.

However, the tuition increase is still a proposal and the board will vote on it March 21.