‘F**k Trump’ sign found at CSUB student housing

Photo by Hannah Bryant

Photo by Hannah Bryant

By Zachary Fennell

The Runner Staff

  A message spelling “F**k Trump” was found taped to the second and third floor windows of CSU Bakersfield’s Student Housing Juniper Hall early morning on Nov. 9 following the announcement that Donald Trump was elected as the next U.S. president.

  The sign was discovered by the housing staff around 6 a.m. the day following the election and was immediately taken down.

  The sign was removed so early that most CSUB students were not aware that it was posted in the first place.

  Two CSUB freshmen students who asked to remain anonymous claimed responsibility for the sign. 

  “We did this sign because for us it’s not about changing the president necessarily but it’s about getting our voices heard and speaking up for the people who are marginalized and oppressed and don’t have a voice,” said the anonymous freshmen student housing resident. 

  The other CSUB student housing resident also asked to remain anonymous. The student said she is used to speaking up for her rights and she is not about to be quiet now. 

  “Initially we got mixed emotions but then we got mad that he [Trump] was disrespecting our people,” said the CSUB student resident.

  The two students said that they both went out to buy the supplies required for their sign and put their message up the night of the election.  

  The actions taken by housing were not viewed as an infringement on the residents’ right to free speech by the staff.

  “There are ways that [the students] can demonstrate how they feel, but we have policies about what you can post on your doors and what you can post in a public area where everyone can see it,” said Director of Student Housing Crystal Becks.

  According to the CSUB Housing Policy, students are required to receive approval from a resident life staff member before posting materials within the premises.

  Becks said that the housing staff does not know who the culprit was, but since the sign did not cause any damage to the residence hall and was not posted again after it was taken down, the residence staff will not issue any disciplinary action regarding the incident.

  “Our approach to them is to treat them like the adults that they are and hold people equally to the policies,” said Becks.

  Student housing has offered a healthier way for students to voice their feelings on the current election.

  The housing office staff have posted a sign that said “2016-2017 Election: How Does it Make You Feel?”

  Students are allowed to write anonymously about what they think about the election results.

  The sign ranged from messages like “Dark times ahead #imscared” to more upbeat such as “Love always wins <3. We need to stay positive!”

The Runner staff member Daniela Miramontes contributed to this story.