Possible tuition hike for CSU system


Javier Valdes



CSU Bakersfield’s Associated Students Inc. discussed a potential tuition increase within the CSU system for the 2017-2018 academic year at the Oct. 21 board meeting. The possible tuition increase is contingent on whether or not the CSU’s receive the adequate funds needed from the state.
ASI President Alex Dominguez and Executive Vice President Alana Lim gave a budget presentation to the board highlighting the 2017-2018 budget proposal from the CSU’s.
“This is a result of the possibility of not receiving a fully funded budget from the state of California,” said Lim.

Possible tuition hikes could mean a maximum increase of $270 a year for undergraduate students, $438 a year for graduate students and $312 a year for credentials.

According to Lim, if the CSU system does not receive the funds to provide students with the resources needed, then the possibility of a tuition hike is likely.

The state of California has approached the CSU Board of Trustees with set priorities on graduation initiatives, enrollment growth, facilities and infrastructure and employee compensation said Lim.

In order for the CSU’s to provide the resources and initiatives it seeks to implement for the CSU system it needs a total of $346 million.

Currently the CSU has $172.2 million, they need an additional $168.8 million to reach their goal.

“It’s important for us to begin lobbying efforts,” said Dominguez.

CSUB’s ASI is currently working on contacting U.S. Congressman Kevin McCarthy, Senate Republican Leader Jean Fuller, Senator Andy Vidak, assembly member Rudy Salas and other legislators that can help persuade the state to fully fund the CSU system’s budget.

“I’m sitting down with several different professors and several different community leaders on what the best path forward would be for lobbying these offices,” said Dominguez.

According to Dominguez, the tuition increase will be a discussion item in the CSU Board of Directors Nov. 15 meeting, a final vote on whether or not to approve the increases will be made in January.

“We just want to let the students know that we are jumping on this as soon as possible, we understand that this is a short period at which we have to operate, so we want to make sure that we begin this process immediately,” said Dominguez.

New Business
ASI approved the purchase of the Kern Value Card sticker.

KVC is a program that provides discounts for students to local Kern County businesses, bringing the KVC sticker to the CSUB campus means that there is a potential to create a new source of revenue for ASI as they seek to further enhance programs to combat food and housing insecurity and create student scholarships.

ASI will purchase 500 KVC stickers at a cost of $1.25 each for a total of $760 that will be taken out of the ASI budgets Special Project line item.

ASI will then sell the KVC stickers for $10.00 for a potential $4,000 profit, 50 percent of which will go to student services and the other 50 percent which would go directly to student scholarships.

Appointments/Oath of Office

Recently appointed Graduate Director Abel Morelos took an Oath of Office during the Friday meeting.

The ASI board also approved CSUB student Wendy Melendez as the new Director of Community Engagement.

Melendez talked about her plans to help students engage more with ASI in order to have a better relationship with the student body.

“I think she would be a great asset to ASI and a great addition to the board,” said Lim.