Bill Clinton speaks at Chavez High


Former U.S. President Bill Clinton spoke to the Delano community to campaign for his wife Hillary Clinton on Sunday. Photo by Andrea Calderon/The Runner

Andrea Calderon

Web editor


Former U.S. President Bill Clinton visited Cesar E. Chavez High School in Delano, Calif. on Sunday to give the closing address at the United Farm Workers convention and to campaign for his wife, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Joining in support for [Hillary] Clinton’s campaign was UFW co-founder Dolores Huerta and current UFW President Arturo Rodriguez.

Hundreds of people filled the high school’s cafeteria to conclude the convention.

The event began with a performance from the school’s Titan band, following the high school’s choir singing the national anthem.

Before Clinton took the stage, both [Hillary] Clinton’s campaign organizers and Rodriguez spoke in support of [Hillary] Clinton. They thanked the Clinton’s for supporting farm workers’ rights and spoke against Republican candidate Donald Trump.

“We don’t need to make America great again. We already are great,” said Nicole Villaruz, chair of the Democratic party of Kern.

Clinton and Huerta both walked on stage together where Huerta introduced the former president.

“We have been very, very fortunate to have other people in the presidency who have also been great and now we have of course right behind me Bill Clinton,” said Huerta.

She also expressed gratitude toward the former president and his wife.

“We are so lucky now that we are going to be able to work, to get somebody else elected for the presidency, Hillary Clinton!” said Huerta. “They have always been there for us.”

As Clinton addressed the crowd he spoke in support of his wife and talked about her plans if elected president.

“Hillary believes that we should grow together, work together and live together,” said Clinton. “The only thing that will ever work is if we maximize what is great about this country and reduce our problems.”

He shared [Hillary] Clinton’s ideas on the economy, immigration, higher education, and climate change.

Clinton urged the audience to vote in the June 7 primaries.

“If you want something done, you should elect Hillary for president of the United States,” said Clinton as he finalized his address. “She will be a great president, but she can’t be a great president unless you back her in California.”

Clinton welcomed Emilio Huerta, [Dolores] Huerta’s son, to the stage to ask for the audience’s support as he is running for congress.

At the end of the event, Clinton shook people’s hands and even hugged a few.

Clinton’s visit was filled with support from Delano and other communities.

Irma Aguayo, a [Hillary] Clinton supporter from Avenal, Calif. traveled to Delano to be part of the event.

Aguayo received a phone call from Emilio Huerta’s campaign inviting her to the event in Delano and said if invited to any other nearby events she may go to them.

“Vine porque me invitaron. Me hablaron por teléfono de la campaña de Emilio Huerta,” said Aguayo in Spanish. “Si hay otros eventos cerca y me invitan a lo mejor voy también.”

Boomer Rivera, a Delano resident expressed his support for [Hillary] Clinton.

“I have always supported the Clinton’s. I voted for Bill, and I’m planning to vote for Hillary,” said Rivera. “I think her in office is heading in the right direction.”