COLUMN: A challenge for all fellow CSUB students

Adriana Ruvalcaba

Assistant Opinions Editor


A new quarter is upon us and I challenge all CSU Bakersfield students to do the unthinkable, don’t bullshit a single assignment.
Avoid fluff, fillers, and lazy writing.

I understand the struggle.

Students are dealing with multiple deadlines, a GPA to maintain, and a word count to fulfill, and if you’re a parent or have a job, assignments are done in short time frames in-between responsibilities and commitments.

Adriana Ruvalcaba Assistant Opinions Editor
Adriana Ruvalcaba
Assistant Opinions Editor

Some students will risk cheating on an assignment because it’s more important to pass the class than to actually learn. And honestly, I don’t really blame them. Depth takes effort and time.

Education seems systematically designed to teach students how to write in a way that gives the appearance of comprehension, but it’s actually devoid of meaning or passion.

I used to get annoyed when I would hear classmates self-congratulate themselves for receiving a good grade for an assignment they didn’t research thoroughly or understand.

And I guarantee at least everyone who has ever worked on a group project has dealt with the student who does as little as possible, is satisfied with a ‘C’ and coasts through every class.

Now, I see it differently. It’s less to do with the grade and more about them beating the system. They got the grade and degree they wanted without learning.

We need to change the educational culture on campus.

As long as it’s relevant to the class and topic you’re assigned, pick a position and defend it. Being able to defend your arguments and ideas is a skill you will use outside of the classroom.

Learn it now.

Write an intellectually passionate eight-page research paper that you would be proud of sharing. Engage in class discussions. Read the assigned material and have an opinion about it. Take risks in every class. If a classmate is struggling, help them.

If you’re in school to learn a specific skill for employment opportunities after graduation, learn the skill and learn it right.

You’re paying for school, so you might as well get your money’s worth.

Not trying in your classes isn’t cool.

It’s bullshit.