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Runner Cast: Phi Sigma Sigma Rock-A-Thon Philanthropy 2014

By Fernando Miranda Multimedia Reporter On March 8, 2014 more than 35 sorority women descended on the Northwest Promenade in Bakersfield, California with the goal of raising money for their new philanthropic cause: school and college readyness. The decision was announced  during Phi Sigma Sigma’s Centennial Convention in New York. Here is the annoucement via … Continue reading

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Runner Cast: An evening with journalist Ann Simmons

By Fernando Miranda Multimedia Reporter Welcome ‘Runners! I was fortunate to be able to interview LA Times Video Journalist Ann Simmons after her discussion on Feb. 24, 2014 in the Student Union Multipurpose Room at California State University, Bakersfield. We talked about Russia, where she worked as a foreign correspondent, and how she gets through … Continue reading



By Kristen Garza Staff Writer New Year’s resolutions are prevalent and CSUB students participated in the tradition. CSUB students share goals of getting in shape and bettering their lives in some way. Many people devote time, energy and money in preparation of these yearly aspirations but few achieve success. Between Jan. 14 and 16, 2014, … Continue reading

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Campus rises to recycling challenge

By Maggie Rodriguez Staff Writer What started as a friendly competition between Ohio and Miami University, as a way to motivate their student bodies to recycle more, is now a nationwide tournament known as RecycleMania. RecycleMania is an annual friendly competition between colleges and universities that seeks to promote waste reduction on school campus communities. … Continue reading


CECE begins director search

With the current position of Director of the Career Development Center vacant, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Jim Drnek, has stepped in as Interim Director. The CECE is available on campus and on-line as an “access career resources for students, alumni, employers and community partners” according to the website. Former head of the department … Continue reading


‘Saving Rain’ shines in moments, struggles en masse

Steven Barker Managing Editor   Pros:                                                                                                   Cons: +At times endearing, if to a fault                -Characterization is too limited +Fluid style of writing                                        -Quality of writing is inconsistent     … Continue reading

Post-grad life needn’t always be boring: “Young Wanderlust” by Evan Kenward

Post-grad life needn’t always be boring: “Young Wanderlust” by Evan Kenward

By Steven Barker Senior Staff Writer Pros: -Casual writing style -Enjoyable experiences worth reading -Easily relatable to our own life Cons: -Unnecessary details slow the narrative -Too long given the pedestrian theme -Distracting spelling, grammar errors What should we prioritize after graduating from college: Finding a career or seeking one last thrill? For some, the … Continue reading


Gabbin’ with Gavin DeGraw

The Bakersfield Fox Theater will soon be graced with singer-songwriter, Gavin DeGraw, who is currently on his “Make A Move” tour. I was able to contact his management team, and DeGraw gladly answered a few of my questions via e-mail, despite his busy schedule.  Shelby Parker: Your first album came out over 10 years ago. … Continue reading