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V.P. Biden to visit university

“What I’m to talk with him about is to really give him a sense of what’s going on with the water crisis, with the immigration issues around here, jobs,” Renteria said. “I think most people don’t know what we do across the country, and the more we can build bridges and bring people to really see the faces, see the families, see the students, the more people will understand what we really do for this country. Continue reading

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Inspiration is Realized at Faculty Concert

By Stephanie Viloria Staff Writer CSUB held a Faculty Concert titled “Inspiration to Realization” at the Dore Theater on Friday, Sept. 26 at 7:30-9pm. The concert welcomed students as well as outside guests for live musical performances performed by the school’s very own music department faculty members. The concert consisted of 10 compositions, 8 of … Continue reading

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A Fresh Story

By Dylan Knight Staff Writer Freshman year can be a time of exhilaration, independence and adventure. It can also, however, be a time of chaos, confusion and uncertainty. And although California State University, Bakersfield isn’t exactly an Ivy League college, thousands of students attend every year and become ‘Runners. For those who have spent their … Continue reading

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The Lansden Chronicle

By Nate Sanchez Staff Writer William Lansden, Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Relations at the University of Alabama-Birmingham was the second finalist for CSUB’s Athletics Director position to come to campus. Lansden’s plan to further the mission of the Athletics Department at CSUB was two-pronged: Improve the welfare of student-athletes and generate revenue. For … Continue reading