CSUB honors student veterans

Julianne Mau


In honor of Veteran’s Day, the CSU Bakersfield Veteran’s Affairs held a veteran voices luncheon for CSUB veterans to attend and discuss the resources that are offered.
The luncheon was held in the recreation center in the Solaro room. CSUB Veteran’s Affairs Student Veteran Intern Dr. Elizabeth Peisner planned the luncheon in hopes to “centralize all of these wonderful services we have on campus but from a student veteran need and perspective,” Peisner said.
This gave the opportunity for veterans to answer certain questions about resources that are offered at CSUB.
Darius Riggins, director of university outreach said he “wants to make sure they are in contact with different things on campus that they can take advantage of, base upon that veteran status or something they are going through.”
CSUB veterans are able to be informed about the resources that are offered.
Many of the veterans appreciated the luncheon.
Benjamin Juarez, a biochemistry student who served in the Marine Corps for eight years shared his thoughts on the luncheon.
“I did a job. I volunteered for the job. I went and did what I needed to do,” Juarez said. “Any little thing after that puts a spring in my heart.”
The athletic department is also hosting a men’s basketball game this Saturday, Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. for heroes’ night, where CSUB will be honoring veterans and active duty military. There is a discounted ticket rate for active duty, veterans and military family members. CSUB wants to thank all the veterans local and far, for keeping our country safe.
Logan Belz, CSUB athletics department ticket associate sales person and graduate student said there will be multiple ways the veterans will be celebrated.
“The veterans that are inside the audience will be able to stand up and wave and the whole audience will give them an applause,” Belz said. “There will be a lot of activities before the game in front of the Icardo Center on campus. The V.A., the troops, the different platoons that the veterans are apart of can come.”