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Aztec dancers perform at the Altares de Familia and Dia de los Muertos event on Sunday, Nov. 1 at the Bakersfield Museum of Art.

By Karina Diaz



Bakersfield Museum of Art and Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce hosted the annual Dia de los Muertos and Altares de Familia event on Sunday, Nov. 1 at the Bakersfield Museum of Art.

The event included sugar-skull decorating, face painting, authentic Mexican food and drinks, and live Mexican folk dancing and music. It also included calaveras and altars from both family and students.

CSU Bakersfield communications major Skylar Carrasco, who was working at the Kix 92.1 booth said it was his first time. He added that his favorite part was the music and was looking forward to hearing Mento Buru live.

Education programs manager Liz Shewyn said that it had started with altars then grew to be the huge festival it is today.

“It is a wonderful response, which built this huge festival,” said Shewyn.

She added that it taught her a lot about the culture and has become one of her favorite traditions. It showed how important culture is to a community and how culture can bring together people of all ages.

Altares de Familia and Dia de los Muertos has brought 4,000 community members together since it was created.

Community member Edvin Benitez said he was shocked on how many people had shown up. He describes how positive the event was. “It feels good to see that not only the Latin culture comes together but others as well,” said Benitez.