Last-minute holiday ideas for spooky, fun time

Marizza Espinosa



Halloween is right around the corner. You check your cabinets for some candy — empty.

You check your closet for your costume and it’s nonexistent.

What do you plan on doing? Sit at home in your jammies and pretend you aren’t home or be one of those people who are last minute on buying candy to pass out to the trick-or-treaters and last minute on costumes.

It is never too late for candy and costumes. Do-it-yourself costumes are always in. Take a look in your closet. You have got a lot more to work with than you think. For example, ladies — we all have a pair of leggings lying around our bedrooms somewhere, a flannel, some vans and some makeup. Put all that together and tada. You have got yourself a bum costume all put together from clothes you own. No spending necessary. Guys, grab some dress pants, dress shoes, a bow tie or regular tie, and you have a Magic Mike costume.

Couples, go for Mickey and Minnie Mouse — modernized version. All you need is black and red attire and some ears. If you want to get a bit fancy, get some white mouse gloves and draw on some whiskers.

If you are too lazy to put together your own costume, then feel free to spend money that you probably do not have.

Party City has costumes on clearance. For example, ladies can dress up as a green M&M, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or a Pink Crayola Crayon for only $20.

Guys, get a Morphsuit for only $15. They comes in different colors, so there are options. Dress up as an Oompa Loopma from Charlie and the Chocolate factory for only $20. If you really are not much in the Halloween spirit, just go for a mask.

There are masks ranging from $5 to $10. Now for all the last minute candy buyers, here are a few places with some sales.

Walgreens: Two 14 oz bags of jelly beans for $6 and two 12 oz bags of mini airheads for $5. Target: $10.79 for a Hersey’s Candy Bars Variety Pack 18 ct $5.29 for Sour Patch Kids, Sour Patch Kids Watermelon Treat Size pack 40 ct. Rite Aid: Four bags of Mars Fun Size or Snack Size Bagged Candy for $8 and $7 for a bag of Charms Candy Carnival. Throw some candy at kids and scare some of your friends.