Non-local students give their perspective

Marizza Espinosa



Moving away from home for school can definitely be a scary thing. Having to leave everything you have known for the past however many years – your home, your family, your friends, even your pets. We all know the intimidating feeling of having to adjust to a new environment and new people – whether you are moving two hours away or 20 hours away. The thought of leaving what we know and are comfortable with is just unbearable sometimes. Take our campus, for example. CSU Bakersfield is the home to students, not only from different towns and cities, but different states as well.

19-year-old peak major, Asna Rupani has experienced that huge adjustment first hand when she moved from a little town in Houston, Texas to Bakersfield, California. “It is really different here in Bakersfield. The weather is definitely less humid here,” said Rupani.

Leaving away form home can take a toll on someone. Rupani expressed how much watching her little brother grow up from afar breaks her heart. “He’s like my little child and he’s growing up and experiencing so many ‘firsts’ in high school,” said Rupani.

Though you are forever missing home and your family, there are defiantly some good aspects that come out of leaving the nest. “I enjoy the freedom I receive here. I like being allowed to be an adult and grow,” said Rupani.

23-year-old kinesiology major, Marquis Mckenzie, is originally from Kaneohe, Hawaii.”Living there is different from living in Bakersfield because of the desire to want to be outside and explore outdoors, like the beach, forrest, and hiking,” said Mckenzie. “Where as in Bakersfield, I try to avoid being outside because of the dreadful weather.” Mckenzie adjusted well to Bakersfield, in the end. Yet, he does missing the “welcoming friendly vibe of [his] hometown and the beach.”

Esteban Martinez, 19-year-old pre-engineering major, lived in San Diego, but came to Bakersfield for school with his older brother. Now that his brother is back in San Diego, Martinez said, “I try to visit home as much as possible. However I visit once or twice every two months during school. I enjoy being home because I don’t have family here in Bakersfield.”

Many CSUB students are not Bakersfield local, but have adjusted fairly well. Though they miss their homes and families, they make the best of being away.