Student Film Screening to be held on campus

Student Film Screening to be held on campus

By David Kaplan

Multimedia Reporter


The CSUB art department has its senior projects art showings every spring, the theater department has plays throughout the year, and the music department has concerts throughout the year.

On the evening of Wednesday, June 3rd there will be a first for the communications department.  The communications department at CSU Bakersfield is sponsoring its first annual Student Film Screening event at 6:30 PM in the Multi-Purpose Room in the Student Union.

The event is free and open to the public.

The screening will feature short films that students have made in their digital media classes at CSUB, which range from documentaries, to fiction films and animation.

Communications professor Mary Slaughter was in charge of putting this event together.

“I thought we were long over due for showing student work on campus, because we were have a lot of great young filmmakers and it’s an opportunity for people to see what they’re making,” said Slaughter. “It just seemed like the right time.”

“I think people will see by our showing on the third there’s a lot of talent here,” said Slaughter.  “Passion is something you can’t teach.  It bodes well for the student because it’s something you have to have to excel.”

CSUB art major Barry Michael has submitted several film projects to the Student Film. Michael said that he has learned patience and technique from Slaughter’s classes and other techniques like subtlety and sound mixing.

Michael has a comedy group project that will be showing at the Student Film Screening about two private detectives in a car on a stake out and one documentary of “Big Fish” actor and world’s tallest sword swallower, George McArthur titled “George the Giant”.

CSUB communications major and aspiring cinematographer Brandon Resendez said he has learned about filmmaking from Slaughter’s classes as well as from watching movies, which is why he is looking forward to seeing other student’s work.

“I’m a huge fan of films,” said Resendez. “By watching other people’s films it will only help me grow as a filmmaker.”

While expressing his interest for the other films of the festival, he is also happy with his submissions.

“I submitted my project because I’m proud of my work and I think as an aspiring filmmaker it will only do me good to submit a project and receive the feedback,” Resendez said.

“If they’re making films they’re making them for an audience,” said Slaughter.  “So, it’s important for students to see how they’re work is perceived.”

Michael believes that films don’t get the attention they deserve.

“We make a big deal about going to sports games,” said Michael.  “I think it’s just as important as athletic endeavors.”

Slaughter thinks the event will benefit the audience as well.

“It’s going to be interesting,” said Slaughter.

Resendez thinks having this Student Film Screening become an annual end of the year event will be beneficial.

“I think that having this every year will help motivate aspiring filmmakers,” Resendez said.

Slaughter started an annual film festival when she was a professor at Baylor University in Waco, Texas and it turned into a big festival in her time there.

“I think that’s something students would look forward to,” said Slaughter.  “I’m really hoping to turn it into a campus wide film festival.”

Starting next year, Slaughter said that she would like all students at CSUB to be able to show their project at the film festival.