Possible change to bylaws discussed at meeting


Esteban Ramirez

Sports Editor

During the weekly board of directors meeting on May 22, Associated Students Inc. looked into changing adding an amendment in one of its bylaws.

Executive Vice President Mike Kwon proposed the idea that if next year the chair of the board is unable to attend a meeting, then the president can appoint someone that the board will have to approve to run that meeting. However, after various discussions about it, ASI decided to refer it back to the committee.

“It started getting very convoluted in terms of the amendments and it was a little bit hard to follow but… I think it needed to be revised in the committee more before it was brought to the board,” said ASI President Derek Stotler. “It’s really obvious when it needs to sit in a committee more because there’s a lot of discussion back and forth. It’s going back to committee, and we’ll see what they come out with.”

After Kwon proposed the idea, Vice President of External Affairs Ricardo Perez said during the discussion that there needs to be an election with nomination from the board of directors every time the chair of the board is absent. After Stotler added Perez’s idea to the amendment, Director of General Studies Jessica Quinones responded by saying that can be very time consuming.

“I feel like this should be left up to the execs to decide who is going to chair because it takes too much time for us to sit here, find someone to do it and if we disagree, it’ll just take too much time,” Quinones said.

Director of Housing Denisse Silva said that it should already be decided before they begin the meeting. Director of Legislative Affairs Mercedes Macias agreed with the idea of deciding it beforehand because it would save time but added that it shouldn’t be left up to the executives.

“That’s just being an apathetic board member,” Macias said. “I think we shouldn’t leave everything up to the execs. They have a lot to do.”

Silva then added that the board should vote for a vice-chair at the beginning of the academic year. After Stotler added Silva’s idea to the amendment, Kwon said that giving even more responsibilities to a board member is not needed and added that it would be better if a vice-president stepped in as chair. Perez said that the director would not have any extra duties as vice-chair. ASI then motioned to move it back to committee. Kwon said after the meeting that the biggest problem they were facing for the amendment is finding a student that is responsible and going about it the best way possible.

“Since we want a student that is responsible and coordinating the meeting essentially, I think our board wanted to see a student that is able to that well and efficiently,” Kwon said. “I think finding that student and how that works was the biggest hurdle,” Kwon said.