Introducing Life of Dillon

Photo credit: Left to Right: Joe Griffith, Rob Griffith, and David Keiffer comprise the band Life of Dillon.

Shelby Parker

Senior Columnist

The band, Life of Dillon, might be new to the music scene, but with their new single “Overload” and a tour in the works, big things are in store for these British musicians David Keiffer, Rob Griffith and Joe Griffith.  I was able to chat with the band via email to talk about the newness of their career, getting ready to open for Meghan Trainor and shooting their first music video. Check it out!


How did you guys form the band and decide this was something you wanted to pursue as a career? 

We have known each other for about 8 years and have been writing/ producing pretty much since day 1. It was never out intention to form a ‘band’, we see ourselves as more of a collective/production team, we just love to make songs! We always wanted to pursue music as a career, even through studying our various courses at university. I guess we were a little naive, as so many people want to follow their dreams of becoming a successful musician but very few actually do. We’re so grateful to be in a position to do what we love to do and will never take that for granted. – David Keiffer

Who are some of your musical influences?

We all listen to very different music ranging from more soulful singer-songwriter styles from the likes of Ed Sheeran or John Mayer to more Hip Hop/R&B or Afrobeats type of music, ranging from Mavado to Timbaland and Lauryn Hill. – Rob Griffith

What has been the biggest pinch me moment of your career so far?

The first day we arrived in NY City we met the CEO of SME, Doug Morris, and the CEO of Epic Records, LA Reid, and seeing them get so excited about all of our music has definitely got to be out biggest ‘pinch me’ moment. – David

Whats the story behind your first single, Overload?

“Overload” was a song we wrote for fun. We weren’t trying to make a hit record or anything like that and we never knew the impact it would end up having on us. At the time we had been making music for a while since we all left university and nothing had really happened for us, we were still unsuccessful starving musicians and it was reaching a point where I started to think about going back to University or getting a job… This is when we wrote Overload and I guess besides it just being a fun summer song it also expresses some of that frustration. When it says I cant stop it and you cant control it it’s because we felt like this is what we were supposed to do in life and no one could take that away. I couldn’t imagine a world where we didn’t make music just because we were getting outside pressure to follow more conventional paths to success… we’ve been doing this since we were kids and the way we crossed from starving musicians to being signed to a major was nothing short of a God send. – Joe Griffith

What has the response been so far with the release of the single and video?

The response has been unbelievable! People from all over the world have been reaching out to us, its been amazing!! We’re so appreciative for all the support we’re getting with our song ‘Overload’ and the video! – David

You recently shot the music video for the new single as well. What was that like?

It was such a pleasure working with everyone on the video shoot. It was our first ever shoot and to be honest when we arrived on set we thought someone else was shooting a video! We couldn’t believe all that gear was for us! We started at 4am and it ran on till about 10pm that night…needless to say we all slept like babies that night. I think David actually threw up from heat stroke…ROCK N’ ROLL! haha – Rob

You guys have been doing quite a bit of traveling lately, what have some of the best experiences been so far?

We recently traveled to Napa Valley, and we have to say that place is gorgeous! We played ‘Live in the Vineyard’ and it was our first ever performance to a crowd of that caliber. We’re studio rats born and raised, so being able to get out there and really connect with people through our music on an intimate level was unreal, I’ve never felt anything like it! – David

You guys are getting ready to go on tour with Meghan Trainor this summer. How did that come about? What do you have planned for those shows?

We’re label mates, so that was an easy thing to hook up. Meghan’s a great singer/songwriter and we can’t wait to go on tour with her! We’ve got a few surprises planned, including some fun audience participation, but we don’t want to give too much away, you’ll have to come along to check it out! 😛 – Rob

Where do you guys hope to be in five years, career wise?

In five years time we want to be house hold names and playing all the biggest festivals and arenas. But beyond that, I would hope that we are able to achieve such a status that we can reach more and more people to the point where we are able to make a positive impact on their lives through music. Nobody can live without music, especially good music. – Joe


Watch their new music video for “Overload”

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