How to fight procrastination habits

Throughout the week most students have one day in mind, Friday, that is because after Friday comes Saturday and Sunday. The weekends become the time for college students to sit back, have fun, relax and breathe. Going to class every week, fulfilling homework assignments, and exams becomes exhausting. But, what about that ten-page research paper due next week? A study done by psychologist Dr. Piers Steel of University of Calgary in 2007 shows that between 80 and 95 percent of college students procrastinate. Students show a trend of forgetting about homework due to the many distractions they are surrounded by. Here are some tips to avoid walking down the path of procrastination.

Avoid Social Media

  With technology on the rise nobody wants to be left out of the loop. On campus, students are seen with the newest edition of devices like iphones, ipads and laptops. On average, students spend 162 minutes a day on their cell phones and a large portion of that time is spent on social media like Facebook. Many students find difficulty focusing when doing homework and social media only diminishes concentration levels. “When doing an assignment I usually get distracted by Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. It’s addicting, I don’t want to miss out on anything,” said Andrea Fernandez, junior criminal justice major. In order to not procrastinate students should start focusing less on their phones and more on their grades. People are beginning to view technology as less of a useful tool, and more of a distraction.

Time Management

  One thing students take for granted is time. Instead of using their free time for studying and assignments they use their time to socialize. Maintaining a social life is not wrong in any way; however, time can be used more wisely. It is crucial to know how to differentiate when it is convenient to hangout with friends and when it’s best to stay home to get things done.

Zithry Vasquez senior child development major, said, “You can avoid procrastination by having time management skills knowing when things are due and doing them in a timely manner.” With time management comes less stress and ultimately free time to have fun. Most of us have experienced getting persuaded by friends to ditch the homework for an unforgettable night. Although it is hard to say no to friends in the long run it will be for the best. “The benefit of not procrastinating is not having to pull an all nighter like I did last week,” said Carmen Medrano, senior child development major.

Maintain Organization

  The last essential element to overcome procrastination is staying organized. Organization is important to keep up with important dates like when homework assignments are due and when tests will take place. Students are encouraged to use planners and even cell phones. Jopreet Gill, junior nursing major said, “ I avoid procrastinating by keeping a planner. I write down due dates for the entire academic quarter, work, meetings and appointments.  Every morning I open my planner and check what I have to complete that day.  Moreover, since it’s the technology era I use my reminder app on my iphone.”

By following these three steps students can avoid falling behind.