African American Student Union Kicks off Black History Month

On Monday, February 2 from 7 to 9 p.m. the African American Student Union held their Black History Month kick-off in the multipurpose room of the California State University, Bakersfield Student Union.

The meeting included the singing of the Black National Anthem, club Introduction, upcoming events, information regarding the African American Recognition Ceremony, and a slide show titled “From Then to Now” presented by CSUB student Morgan Cortez.

At the beginning of the meeting all of the attendees stood from their seats while 21-year-old junior Rachel Brown sang the Black National Anthem. Flyers were passed out prior to Browns’ singing for anyone who wished to follow along and sing as well.

A club introduction was given shortly after by CSUB student Brittney Watkins. “Our purpose is to promote African American Students at CSUB with the intention of creating a strong voice on campus and to make an impact on decisions regarding students of the university community” said Watkins.

Another presentation of the night included one by June Grimes who is an Office of Supportive Services counselor at CSUB. She spoke on behalf of CSUB’s African American Recognition Ceremonies.

“Applications aren’t out yet but we had well over 75 applicants that participated [last year],” said Grimes, “I try and encourage everyone to continue their education as far as they can.”

The evening also included a slide show regarding many cases of police brutality throughout the years. CSUB student Morgan Cortez presented this slide show for anyone who may not be aware of just how many cases of police brutality occur in the U.S.

The purpose of the slide show is “to inform students of all the police brutality that really does happen all over the country, not just to men but women as well” said 21-year-old CSUB student Rachel Brown.

After the slide show, a calendar of events was passed out to the attendees about all of the Black History Month events happening this month on and off campus.

The AASU believes strongly in letting students who want to join make new friends and feel comfortable within the club. They believe in creating a place where students do not have to worry about discrimination and can have an environment where everyone is welcome.