LETTER TO THE EDITOR: CSUB offers plenty of entertainment

In the editorial “CSUB in need of entertainment,” the author cited musical and comedy performances at other CSU campuses that are missing from the CSUB calendar.
The author also cited the need to drive to Los Angeles or Fresno for quality mainstream pop entertainment, and mentioned that “water refilling stations” are not morale boosters. I’d like to address a few of these points.
First: CSUB is the smallest “full service” CSU campus, with about 8,000 students. Chico, which was mentioned in the editorial, has double the student population of CSUB. San Jose and Fullerton have 30,000 and 36,000, respectively. They have more students, more money, and larger venues. In addition, CSUB’s largest indoor concert venue only has a capacity of 494
Second, by mentioning Fresno and L.A., the author unknowingly acknowledges another issue. Bakersfield is at a disadvantage when it comes to major tours. It is sandwiched between two larger cities, in a state with a total of eight larger cities.
Third, water-refilling stations aren’t here to entertain you. They are here to benefit the environment, not just on a grand scale, but the small one. It keeps fresh, cold water available for students and reduces the litter of empty water bottles laying around campus, which will later go on to fill up garbage dumps. It also eliminates the sanitation issues related to drinking fountains, and, it saves students the cost of a bottle of water every time they want a drink. Not every dollar spent by ASI exists to create an exciting atmosphere. Some of it is used for purposes greater than that.
Fourth, and this is the big one, CSUB has art shows, theatrical performances, opera, musical performances, a dance marathon, speakers, movie nights, karaoke nights, and more. If there is something you feel is lacking, do something more than whining about it. Make it happen.
Ed Webb
MPA Student