Pizza Rev opening two locations in Bakersfield

The Grand Opening of Pizza Rev, the new unique pizza place, was on Wednesday Jan. 14 at the Gosford Village in Bakersfield.

Pizza Rev is unique to other pizza places because it can provide personalized pizza with any topping you want for $8.25. The whole process takes about 8 to 10 minutes from the time you walk in the door. And that is only three minutes in the oven.

Students can grab a quick meal in between classes or after school with friends. The new Pizza Rev will be located at the Riverwalk on Stockdale Hwy. The grand opening is this week at that location.

Marissa Bing, 23, who has worked with the Pizza Rev Company since the beginning, talks about the company’s training process for new employees.

“The training process [is] about a seven day schedule,” said Bing. “Three days just hands on training and then they have a day off we come back and do all out promotion week. They get to practice on their friends and family first. And then our corporate friends and family and from there we are open to the public.”

Bing has been a loyal employee since the beginning of Pizza Rev.

“I love working here,” Bing said. “I’m part of the original crew in Northridge Calif. right by [California State University, Northridge] and it has expanded from there. If you look at our first location, it still is surrounded by students. I’m sure the Riverwalk location will be just like CSUN but for CSUB students.”

What makes Pizza Rev different from other pizza companies is the “speed, quality and customization pizza rev offers,” Bing said.

Daniel Embry, the General Manager at the Gosford Village location, loves working at Pizza Rev because he simply loves pizza.

“I mean, who doesn’t. I tell people that you could come here and eat lunch and dinner every day for a week and never have the same thing twice,” Embry said. “It’s an amazing company to work for that believes in promoting from within. Most of the people that work at our corporate office started as regular crew members at our first store in Northridge which opened April of 2012. They are expanding rapidly all over the country which offers chances to travel and possible move.”

This year they plan to open up 40 stores in California and other states, according to Bing.

“We’ve opened up in Minnesota, Utah, and Texas so far. Crew members have traveled across the states to go open a store so there is a lot of opportunity here,” she said.

The most popular pizza combinations they provide are the Margarita, Mediterranean and The BBQ Chicken pizza. All of which can still be modified to the customers liking.

“We do a ‘craft your own pizza’ we take you down the line and let you choose your own sauce, cheese, meats and veggies,” Embry said. “We use fresh ingredients and offer Gluten free crust, Vegan Cheese and Vegan Sausage.”

Pizza Rev, which stands for pizza revolution, is providing new experiences. They are revolutionizing the way people buy pizza. “We offer over 30 toppings and the price stays the same no matter what you get,” Embry said. “We have a huge open-flame stone-bed oven that cooks the pizza within four minutes. We are also about giving back to the community that we are a part of. The grand opening for Gosford Village donated 50 percent of all its profit to the Kern County Boys and Girls Club. River walk will do the same on Jan. 22 with the Bakersfield SPCA.

We hold numerous fundraisers throughout the year.”Nicholas Eckerman, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, is excited to a part of the Bakersfield community.“The Bakersfield population and economy continues to expand, but the community remains tight-knit and residents truly care about supporting each other. We love the vibe out here and are excited to be a part of the community,” Eckerman said.“We have 20 restaurants open across the country – our Gosford Village and River Walk locations are #21 and #22. All open and upcoming locations can be found here:,” Eckerman said.