Concert Band Crescendos with No Treble


_MG_3543By Bre Williams

The rhythms and melodies of the California State University of Bakersfield Concert Band could be heard filling the Dore theatre on November 14. The 2014 concert Band made their fall quarter debut with conductor Dr. Leo Sakomoto as their guiding hand. The band performed works from 6 different composers, which included Philip Sparke, Mark Camphouse, Malcolm Arnold, Daniel French, Johan Halvorsen, and Boris Kozhenikov. According to Dr. Sakomoto the band consists of around 10 different instruments.

The concert band contains not only students from CSUB, but is also open to the community. Dr. Sakomoto said that currently about 50 percent of the Concert Band consists of community members. The band has rehearsal once a week, which means they had around nine rehearsals to prepare for Friday’s concert where they played with ease as Dr. Sakomoto gave them encouraging nods and smiles.

The set list was lovely and flowed in a captivating way. Dr. Sakomoto said that usually these concerts have a theme, but “the fall quarter doesn’t usually have a theme because I use this concert to gauge the skill level of the band for the rest of Dr. Leo Sakomoto is currently the Director of Instrumental Studies at CSUB, but his experience and skill have allowed for many opportunities on an international level.

_MG_3444He received his Doctor of Musical Arts and Master of Music degrees from UCLA. Recently his prestige carried him to Finland where he was in the Nordic Wind Band Conducting Competition. He is a busy man as he conducts not only the Concert Band, but also the Symphonic Band, Chamber Orchestra, the Roadrunner Pep Band, the CSUB choir, and teaches courses in music education.

When the concert concluded congratulations were given to musicians from family and friends. The atmosphere was filled with a sense of pride as Dr. Sakomoto and his concert band took a bow.

One first time concert attendee 18-year-old CSUB freshman Bianca Tabera who is a violinist and music major said, “It was nice and I enjoyed experiencing a full band instead of just an orchestra.”

There are many now shows to come from the CSUB Concert Band this school year including their Christmas concert on December 7 where they will be accompanied by the Jazz Ensemble. For information on all upcoming shows you can visit the CSUB website and if you are a musician interested in the Concert Band you can contact Dr. Sakomoto.