Film Club debuts festival


IMG_1465Film clubs first Halloween Horror ‘Film’ Festival, Wednesday, was a hit as the place became more packed. Some dressed up for the costume contest and others just came to enjoy the films.

There were six student films and a showing of ‘Silences of the Lamb.’ The student films had comedy and horror all in one. The audience were laughing and were shocked throughout the films. Chad Alame, President of the film club and founder of the club in the spring 2014 quarter, was there as Dracula.

“During our first quarter we recruited members, had a bbq fundraiser, and prepared our club members for filmmaking. This is our club’s first project and event. We are now working on our next batch of films for our romance and comedy event next quarter,” Alame said.

They started working on the event by having the members submit their original scripts to be reviewed by the club officers.

“[We] selected the ones we liked the most. Then we had auditions and created a filming schedule. From that point, the directors took over and found the locations, costumes, props, film crew, held rehearsals, and so on. After filming, we began editing,” Alame said.

Alame feels that the Film Club is special because it gives students the opportunity to learn about filmmaking and “engage themselves in filmmaking, since there aren’t many opportunities for filmmakers to showcase their talents here in Bakersfield,” he said.

“This event is special because it gives our club the chance to showcase our hard work and make a name for ourselves on campus,” Alame said.

Mateo Lara, an English Major and writer of the film “Blood in the Trees.”

“I had a dream and demons and the supernatural stuff kind of freaks me out. I think I watched a scary movie before I went to bed and I had a dream. It was about a tree and this lady. I researched it and there is actually lady demons called … so I thought that was interesting so the inspiration behind it was about a girl demon who possesses men and makes them kill their lovers,” said Lara.

“Blood in the Trees” showed a woman in a white dress, definitely a supernatural being and demon. She would come in the shot periodically just to have that horror aspect to the film. Great editing by the film club to make it that much more scary. Also the blood dripping out of the trees and a man there with blood all over him. This film has the main elements of any great scary movie.

IMG_1457Greg Bolanos directs, writes and edits for the film club.

“I wrote and directed ‘Elijah and the Clown,’ I wrote ‘The Bag’ and I edited ‘Elijah and the Clown’ and ‘Blood in the Trees,'” Bolanos said.

His inspiration for writing “The Bag” was a pulp fiction type mysteries of “What’s in this? But no one ever knows. Which was the question he has been asked the most. ‘What is in the bag?’

“I thought about what I really love and what I love is film. And I’ve always loved writing,” he said.

Anna Hairabedyan, Business Administration major, loved the last movie, “Obsession.”

“[‘Obsession’] was really good. It felt like a serious film and it wasn’t as quick. You knew what happened at the end, it was great,” she said.

“Obsession” was written and directed by Leo Garcia and was about this boy who was in love with this girl. He watched her day in and day out. He was ‘obsessed’ with her and needed to eliminate the competition. There’s love and murder all in one movie. The passion someone has for another can make a person do crazy things. It was one of the favorite films of the night.

“I loved, mostly, how everyone was determined and had fun making the films. It was fun seeing people do something they love,” Hairabedyan said.

Mike Kwon, executive vice president of ASI, enjoys coming out to as many clubs events he can to support them.

“What I enjoyed about the films was that the students, basically, produced it, and they were the people who organized it and held it without any faculty and administration help. And that is why it was a great idea and great initiative from the students,” Kwon said.

Other films included “If I Can’t Have you” written by Mike Allen, and directed by Goose Scott. And “The Gathering” written and directed by Joaquin Calderon.

The film club will be putting on another film event for Valentine’s Day next quarter.