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    BryanApr 16, 2013 at 6:03 am

    It seems to me that you and yours need to do a version of the Harlem Shake. What you propose as a result of ‘absentmindedness’ actually is a collaborative effort of a group of friends (sometimes strangers) to have a bit of fun. Now I want you to back off from the realm of judgement and criticism and try to understand “WHY” such an insane mockery of the Harlem Shake went viral across the Nation. People enjoy a break from the norm. A chance to derail the ordinary enough so that they can keep going with their overwhelming responsibilities. Its a more effective version of ‘casual friday’ and its resonance will be the topic of many conversations, thus bringing life to an otherwise boring workday. From what I can tell it seems there is bit of competition at who can be the most crazy / random, which likely is the reason why the newer ones are much less appropriate than the original.
    Now Ashley… you seem mad, possibly uptight, and upset at being so. So much that you write an article that brings down people who are trying to have a little fun which goes against what you see as an appropriate means. You go to a Commuter School and look down hawk nosed at the lesser Americans who group together in a get-together for a bit of dumb fun. Which is not the best thing for a journalist to do, and brings me to my first sentence in saying that you should try it with you and your office. It will be stupid, embarrassing, possibly a failure, but in the end I promise you will have a good time hanging out with your friends / classmates / co-workers in a much more comfortable setting then the office. It will make them more like family, and all around more comfortable to be around. Try it! and don’t forget to youtube it!

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