News Editor Steven Barker

Steven Barker is the News Editor for the Fall Quarter of The Runner. This is his seventh quarter on-staff. When he joined The Runner in Fall 2012, Steven was a sports reporter under former sports editor Steven Gaede. For the following five quarters, he served in the following positions: opinion editor for two consecutive quarters, Managing Editor for two consecutive quarters and free-lance reporter for one.

Steven is interested in a number of topics, included but not limited to the following: the distribution of funds to university services; the representation of race in media and pop culture; the on-going California drought and its long-term effects on CSUB and the viability of California as a place to live in the long-term future; CSUB’s metrical standing in graduation and retention rates and student debt relative to other CSU’s and the causes for those standings; and the potential struggles and successes of sub-populations of students at CSUB.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, comments or concerns, you can contact Steven here: [email protected]