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    Luke T. GreenFeb 22, 2013 at 7:23 pm

    I am a weekly reader of the runner, and had never found an article, until now, which was so one sided and full of unjustified claims. Sergio Espain tries to speak out against Republican ‘anti-immigration’ and ‘race hatred’ but makes more racist statements in the process. He claims that Sen. Rubio should rightfully be for immigration, because of his racial heritage. If that is not a racist claim, what is? He claims that it is ‘common knowledge’ that republicans are out of touch with most people. I ask, how can the republicans hold a majority in the house if they don’t touch a large portion of citizens. These types of huge oversights are throughout the entire article. Please in the future don’t fill the good reading space of the runner with this type of horrible argumentation any more.

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I call bull on Rubio’s immigration speech