Resources at the Walter Stiern Library

Nicholas Castillo, Video Producer

So I’ve been thinking. What’s one thing that all college students have in
common? All of us need *loud crashing sound* …. You need books. And when you
need books, that takes you to one of two places: either the CSUB Bookstore, or
here, to the Walter Stiern Library

Floors 1 through 4 contain a vast variety of books that you can check out
either for personal or academic reasons. You can either come in person yourself
and find them, or you can use the online database. If you do use the online
database, the book is going to be sent to the locker that is down in the lower level,
and you can open it using a one time code that will be sent directly to your school

Along with having a different selection of books, each floor is unique in:
layout, furniture, and sound dampening. If you need somewhere to study there is
guaranteed to be one area here that fits your needs.

If studying out in the open isn’t for you, each floor has both individual and
group study rooms that you can reserve from both the front desk as well as online. If
you plan on studying with headphones, or just need some peace and quiet, the 1st
floor of the library has the “Quiet Room”. No food or drinks are allowed, but it’s
definitely the most quiet you can get in the building.

The library also has other resources that are at your disposal. The 1st floor
has a shop where you can buy snacks and drinks in case you are ever in need of a
pick me up, almost every floor has a section with computers that can be freely used,
printers can be found on every floor as well, yes, there is a charge to use them, and
there is a wide selection of almanacs covering many topics and areas free to use.

If we go down a couple floors, we find ourselves on the Lower Level of the
building. Now this floor contains access to: computer labs and classrooms, a colored
printer, every single computer is programmed with the Adobe Premier Suite which is
free to use for current students, and this is where you go to get your student ID
which is needed for CSUB dances and other school related activities.

Be on the lookout for future videos covering other resources that are currently
available for you here at CSUB. I’ll see you all next time. Later everyone.