Is the Stanley cup worth its high price tag?

Yesica Valenzuela, Social Media Manager

There’s  always some new product going viral on TikTok, whether it’s because it makes someone’s life easier, or because it’s aesthetically pleasing.

I recently saw the Stanley cups go viral. They were sold out in every store where they were once physically available. The website was also sold out when a TikTok video talking about the cup got to my “For You Page.”

I was skeptical of buying it even if it would’ve been in stock because it’s an expensive cup. The price ranges from $30 for a 30oz to $50 for a 40oz.

40 ounce Stanley cup. Photo by Yesica Valenzuela / The Runner

My sister bought a Stanley cup and when she brought it over to my house, I immediately wanted that cup. She saw my interest in the cup and gave me one about two weeks later.

I was very thankful, but I noticed that the sales associate had sold her my cup with two scratches on it. This was very disappointing. I had initially thought of exchanging the cup because of the scratches but ultimately decided to let it go.

The first thing I noticed about the cup was its aesthetic look, which is what caught my eye, to begin with. The website claims it will keep drinks cold for a long time, so I poured ice and juice into it as my first test. It kept my juice cold and ice solid while I finished it, so I decided to test it again with ice water.

At the end of the day, I still had a nice amount of ice left in the cup.

“The Stanley cup has kept my water cold and iced for three  days in a row, with no need for a refill” said Nereyda Valenzuela, my sister,  who has owned a cup for one month.

Since I did not put a lot of solid ice in the morning, I will definitely give it a point because there’s still ice eight hours later, after two different drink pours.

The Stanley website says that “the double-wall vacuum insulation will keep your water cold for 9 hours and iced for 40 hours.”

I have heard that this cup leaks, but that is only if you turn the cup upside down.  If you turn a cup upside down of course it’s going to leak.

“I personally have to not fill it up all the way, so it doesn’t spill,” said user Simmplyemmily on TikTok.

I am overall satisfied with the cup; I really like its appearance. I like the amount it can hold, and I like how sturdy the straw is. The only thing I do not like is how easy it will scratch if you are not careful.

I am always on the go and have the tendency to walk past things really close, so there’s a big chance my cup will end up very scratched. That is the only part I do not like, so I will probably buy more for the aesthetic, but not to carry around a lot.

For everyday use, I like my Hydro Flask bottle. I only recommend buying it if you don’t mind spending $30 on an insulated cup just for its visual appeal.