‘Runners react to spring parking permits

Zachariah Rush and Kristen McGuire

California State University, Bakersfield officially updated its process for purchasing parking permits before the beginning of the Spring 2023 semester which has led to issues for students. Representatives from The Runner hit the red brick road to hear directly from students about whether they’ve received their parking permits. 

With this new system in place, some students are experiencing long delays before receiving their permits in the mail, a scenario that was rare under the previous process. Also, students can no longer purchase a permit through their myCSUB account or the cashier’s office.   

Stephen Kinchen-Andrews, a junior human resource management major, said, “I have been waiting for mine for over two weeks; I preferred it when you could buy it at the cashier’s office. Also, it was a lot easier for students who live on campus.”  

Stephen Kinchen-Andrews, a junior human resource management major (middle-right). Photo by Gillian Galicia / The Runner

CSUB partnered with mycampuspermit.com, a third-party website that several other universities use throughout California. Students must now visit mycampuspermit.com and register their vehicle to purchase a permit.  

The site allows you to print out a temporary permit to use while your sticker is mailed, but it is only valid for two weeks, causing issues for students who do not receive their sticker during that time.  

A freshman Spanish major, Daisy Ramos, said, “I bought it on Jan. 19, and I still have not got it. My temporary one expired, and I had to go print another.”  

Daisy Ramos (left), a freshman Spanish major. Photo by Gillian Galicia / The Runner

Reports amongst the students we spoke to often mentioned the long wait times before receiving their permits, and this controversy has made it to social media as well. 

Stephanie Escobar, a junior-child, adolescent, and family studies major, said, “Yeah, I ordered it about two weeks ago, but I still have not got it; I am a part of this CSUB Facebook group, and I see many people complaining they have not got theirs yet.” 

Stephanie Escobar (right), a junior, majoring in child, adolescent, and family studies. Photo by Gillian Galicia / The Runner

Although many of the students we encountered on Feb. 16 told us they still needed to receive their parking permits after weeks of waiting, one student did not have any issues with the new system. 

Kieyan Florentino, a sophomore in the nursing program, said, “I did not really notice a difference; I think it took four or five days before I got it. I know I had it way before the temporary one expired.”  

Kieyan Florentino (left), a sophomore in the nursing program. Photo by Gillian Galicia / The Runner

The new system for purchasing a parking permit that CSUB unveiled for the Spring 2023 semester has encountered several roadblocks since its launch. With weeks-long wait times and the added steps for purchasing a permit, students are not adjusting well to the new system.  

CSUB should take the proper steps before the Summer and Fall 2023 semesters to prevent these problems from happening again. 

Solutions that CSUB could provide include in-person workshops to aid in navigation of the new system, and streamlined options for students who live on campus. 

CSUB must assure that future permits will be mailed out without delay.