Student leaders support the Bakersfield Homeless Center

Brookelynn Reed, Campus Voice

Vice President of the National Society of Leadership and Success, Brookelynn Reed

California winters can be harsh. Many communities endure wet and extremely cold weather during the winter months. Most can attest to the discomfort and unsafe conditions that winter weather greets them with. Luckily, through home insulation and warm blankets and clothing, the average individual stays warm and safe throughout the winter. However, there are many individuals in our community who have no choice but to ride out the harsh winter months. 

As homelessness ravages through Bakersfield, homeless individuals who live their daily lives in this weather do not find it as easy to stay warm or find a nutritious meal during the winter. 

Toward the end of this past Spring 2022 semester, California State University, Bakersfield’s National Society of Leadership and Success chapter came together to gather items for the Bakersfield Homeless Center. By doing this, we were able to collect clothing items, non-perishable food, blankets, and some hygiene items to donate to those in need before the holidays. 

Of course, there are those in the community who do not wish to support homeless individuals because they believe it is their responsibility to access necessities on their own. However, NSLS members strive to provide leadership and success, even to those less fortunate than us. We acknowledge that we are all human beings regardless of our social status, and all deserve kindness. 

Donating clothing or other life necessities is a safe way to support those in need versus making cash or check donations. If you want to help those in need but are unsure how your money will be spent, donating gently used or new clothing or necessities is a great option. The NSLS chapter wanted to give items to the shelter to provide individuals and families with some clothing and other daily items for this cold and wet winter. 

This experience was eye-opening regarding what you can do with unwanted and gently used clothes. Instead of throwing unwanted clothes away, you can easily call your local shelter to see if they need items. Being able to give items to someone else in need is such a rewarding experience, especially knowing it can make a difference in their daily life.