CSUB Athletics celebrates renovation of women’s locker room

Susan Rodriguez, Sports Writer

CSUB Athletics celebrating the renovation of the women’s locker room by cutting the ribbon on Dec. 15, 2022. Photo by Courtney Park.

As the country celebrates the 50th anniversary of signing Title IX, the federal civil rights law prohibiting sex-based discrimination in educational institutions that receive federal funding, California State University of Bakersfield women’s athletics also celebrate. 

President Lynnette Zelezny and Director of Athletics Kyle Conder, among others, welcomed the newly renovated women’s locker room. The facility underwent a year-long process until it finally opened its doors on Dec. 15, 2022, welcoming women’s athletics, including women’s soccer, swim & dive, golf, beach volleyball, softball, and track & field. The new facility can be found in the Physical Education Building.

Staff, athletes, and media were all present during the ribbon cutting ceremony as President Zelezny addressed the importance and impact this new facility has on all CSUB women athletes.  

Zelezny stated, “This is an exciting morning, the renovation of the women’s locker room comes at a really important time in history, and we’ve been celebrating that this month. Fifty years ago, our nation gave an unprecedented opportunity to women athletes with the signing of Title IX, and today we are advancing the spirit of that legacy by dedicating this facility to our road runners as an expression of our gratitude for their service to the university and our entire region.”

The renovated locker room provides a place for women athletes to relax, unwind, and meet with one another when needed. The close impact the facility has on student-athletes was showcased by Senior Maya Williams, who plays softball for CSUB.  

Williams expressed, “A few of us teams didn’t have a specific dedicated space.” 

Making the locker room personalized and welcoming for all future athletes is something Williams felt excited about. 

Williams mentioned, “We would just kind of go back and forth and make do, as you have to. I think with time, as we are a school transitioning from D2 to D1, not everyone has the same facilities, but I personally think we made the most of it and we would connect with other teams. I think it’s amazing that we have our own place now.”

As for visualization, the locker room contains ample designated spaces for each of the women’s teams to personalize. With multiple showers and restrooms, the women athletes are able to freely prepare for games and practices.  

Coming in as the new Director of Athletics, Conder elaborated, “It’s exciting. This is a little bit of a home away from home for them, so to have a place where they can gather and create that comradery and team spirit is really exciting. It is really well done, so it is not that it’s just a gathering space, but I think something they can feel really good about and take pride in.”